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Facebook Messenger for the new Android application Facebook Messenger is the easiest messaging app around the world and the most widespread and is best suited to communicate with the people he knows without financial costs.

Messenger application, like all instant messaging applications, can communicate with users, but it additionally allows communication with users registered in the phone book, and not only registered via the application.

The Facebook Messenger application is the free method best suited for fast communication, and it also provides a means for voice communication through free voice calls that were added later to the application.

Facebook Messenger app features

Group text chats, where through the application you can create whole groups of friends and send conversations and chats between friends within the shared group, and pictures and videos can also be sent through the same conversation.

  • The ability to take pictures and videos from the application, Messenger allows recording videos and taking selfies through the application and send them directly to friends.
  • Quick Reply feature, the app allows reading messages from outside the app while busy with other applications, and quick reply from notifications without entering the application.
  • Free voice calls, which is a feature through which you can talk to other users from any country in the world for free.
  • Download Messenger 2021 gives you the ability to view videos and photos inside the chat without leaving the application.
  • Voice messages, in case of weak internet networks or lack of Wi-Fi, a voice message can be sent which can be sent easily.
  • Send stickers through the application, where through correspondence can send stickers.

New features of Facebook Messenger app added to the original version of it

  • The app allows forwarding text messages or pictures to other people.
  • The app offers GPS features, from which your friends can know your geographical location.
  • Personalize the conversations on the main screen, where you can choose the most important conversation and put a shortcut on the main to facilitate access to it.
  • Notifications can be turned off for specific chats or the entire app.
  • Know when the message will reach the recipient and when.
  • Story feature, which is a feature for creating a story from a series or one photo.
  • Change the chatting colors of chat, from many different colors to suit all tastes.
  • Combine two Messenger accounts together to receive messages for both accounts at the same time.
  • The ability to send the site via the Messenger app in conversations with any of your friends.

New features were added just last year

  • Voice and group video calls, which were added at the end of last year.
  • The ability to convert the individual voice call to a conference call by entering new friends.
  • The application offers many different games that can be played through Messenger.
  • Mobile payment features, which is a feature provided by the Messenger application to pay through it, but it is a feature available in some countries that allow mobile payment.
  • Secret calls, which are calls that can be made between two people and quickly damage as they end at the end of the time chosen by the user, which is only one to three seconds.
  • There is a lite version of the app that can be opened and handled with a minimum internet speed.
  • Added the poll feature, where a poll can be held inside the chat between friends.
  • Call encryption, a new feature that can be selected.

Upcoming features of Facebook Messenger

  • The application is now working on leaks to test a new feature to delete messages from conversations, to disappear to the sender and recipient, instead of the current feature, which only deletes the message from the sender and does not delete it at the recipient.
  • Streak feature which is a symbol next to friends’ name means “Proof of Impact” and it invites friends to talk to their friends before losing their trace.

Disadvantages of Facebook Messenger

  • One of Facebook’s biggest drawbacks for users is the need to download the Messenger app with the original Facebook app.
  • The inability of the user to appear “Offline”, where the user is constantly visible due to the appearance of “active” if present.

App Info

Name: Facebook Messenger APK
Version: 454.
Size: 58.74MB
Package: com.facebook.orca
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Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: CommunicationApplication
Developer: Meta

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