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Download Truecaller for Mobile 2020: The Truecaller app is the most popular application to detect the identity of callers by their phone numbers, with the ability to identify incoming calls and block some unwanted calls.

And Truecaller is an application that was launched in 2009 for BlackBerry devices only, to feel the pulse of users and make sure they are ready to use these types of applications, then it was launched for Windows and Symbian operating systems for Nokia devices at the time, then after that, it was launched for the Apple operating system iOS, and finally, it was launched for Android devices.

The application, which is now used by 250 million users, began to be developed by two friends in Sweden, and in 2013 it achieved the first 10 million, global users.

How does Truecaller work?

Truecaller 2021 is a giant database app compiled by regular users, who use the same operating system.

  • By downloading the Truecaller app for the first time, it has the power to view the user’s contacts and download them, thus having collected a small portion of his database.
  • The contacts are exploited from the user’s phone, by grouping them with millions of other users and merging the same number with different names, and the name on the phone of trustworthy
  • people are preferred, and they are the people who do not have any problems with others and have never been classified as annoying.
  • Another way to verify the names is by searching through social networking sites, to access the real name of the user, and replace it with the one in the database resulting from the registrations on other users’ phones.
  • The last method is through the user himself, who may find that his name via the Truecallure application is not suitable for him, and then requests to amend the name, or even once he logs into the application with his number and writes his name incorrect writing to appear on the rest of the users’ devices.

Advantages of Truecaller app

  • The Truecolor application can be considered the largest digital database in most of the countries in which it operates, including Egypt.
  • The ability to determine the application of the identity of any person communicating with the user.
    Block spam emails and telemarketing.
  • The absence of any names of unknown numbers in the call log, as it identifies the names of the contacts within the phone.
  • Flash messages available via the emoji sharing site.
  • Times when friends are available to talk.
  • Record backup calls, contacts, and settings via Google Drive compute.
  • Block unwanted and annoying calls.
  • Truecolor app worked to know the caller “offline”.
  • Dual-SIM support.

Advantages of the latest version of Truecaller

  • New additional options for the blocking feature.
  • Facilitate the management of the user’s blacklist and blocking list.
  • Fixes bugs that sometimes cause SMS not to be read.

Features for releasing the app in India

  • Securing instant and financial transfers.
  • Fast mobile recharge and bill payment.
  • Manage all bank accounts with BHIM-UPI.
  • The bank guarantee provided by ICICI Bank

Disadvantages of Truecaller app

The Truecaller application is one of the applications that download means abandoning the privacy of the user and exposing him to be exposed to security in front of other Internet users around the world, and among the most important disadvantages of the Truecaller caller identification application which is mentioned by the Google Play Store:

  • For the lack of experience of most of the application users, it provides additional information about the user, including his address, Facebook account, and e-mail.
  • Once downloaded, the Truecaller app asks permission to view numbers and SMS.
  • The application has the right to process the data over the phone and amend it after reading it.
  • The application has the right to use any software to decode other applications.
  • The application can read emails and SMS.
  • Change network connection, disable screen lock.

App Info

Name: Truecaller
Version: 12.30.6
Size: 99.11MB
Package: com.truecaller
Views: 0
Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: CommunicationApplication
Developer: True Software Scandinavia

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