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Download the UC Browser for Android 2021 latest version for free, as the UC browser application is one of the best browser applications for the Android operating system, as it is easy to use with a simplified interface as well as many advantages within it.

And the application UC browser is the perfect alternative to the famous competing browsers such as “Google Chrome” and “Firefox”, but it supports the functions of the mobile screen, in addition to facilitating customization and re-tabulation, with the ability to search through voice commands.

Like most major applications, the UC browser application allows the night mode feature to protect the eyes of its users while they are surfing the Internet at night in the dark, and it is also the easiest to download as the download is done by pressing one button and it is the fastest in that.

Features of  UC browser 2021 app

First, cosmetic benefits

  • The UC browser app includes an easy-to-use user interface that enables quick access to what the user is searching for.
  • The ability to re-design the “settings” and customize it according to the vision of each user, so that the browser looks completely changed with each user.
  • A tab is different and simple, by giving the user the right to have complete control over managing tabs.
  • Smooth navigation between pages, by assigning specific buttons to “high and low” or “up or down” on the page, and this is done by entering “browser settings” and then clicking on the navigation options.
  • Allow diversity and change by allowing application wallpapers to be changed.
  • UC Browser application adds more custom background themes for the user to decorate the browser and prevent boredom for its users.
  • The possibility of using the user’s private pictures to place them as a background or background for the UC browser application, by entering the menu and selecting “Themes or Themes” and selecting “Internal images” and clicking on them to open the “Gallery” for the user to choose from the images saved inside it.

Themes and themes for the UC browser application can be changed by entering the menu within the browser at the top, and going to the “themes” or “themes” button, then clicking on “more themes” to access a large number of themes to choose between them, all of which are available for download.

Second, functional benefits

  • UC browser app adds a night mode feature, to convert the app’s colors in the evening to protect users’ eyes from getting tired while searching for anything in the browser.
  • Enabling the incognito browsing feature, which is a feature for browsing protected privacy without any history of the pages that the user accesses, and preventing the ability to track the user or save his passwords.
  • Automatic connection to cloud computing for fast uploading and uploading to and from.
  • Multitasking support, as the UC browser application can work on various commands of multiple downloading, receiving search commands, and more.
  • Control videos via the browser, with gestures, to change volume levels and brightness.
  • Choose the quality of the images when viewed in the browser or the images do not appear inside the browser in the first place, to preserve the Internet package when needed, or to show the image in its best resolution, by entering “Settings”, then “Browsing Settings” and choosing “Image Quality”.

Features recently added by UC browser

In the latest update of the UC browser app, the browser added two features:

  • Shortening the waiting time to watch the video, to start watching the video after a few seconds, through easier access to the content.
  • Adding new features to the “download” page, including improving the work of file management, with the advantage of free transfer of files through support for communication with the computer.

Special awards received by UC browser

The UC browser application has won a number of awards for its one of the most important browser applications for Android devices, including:

  • Frost & Sullivan 2013 Best Practice Award which is market leadership in mobile browsers.
  • 2012 Best Android Browser Award from About.com
  • About.com Best Mobile Browser award for 2011.

App Info

Name: UC browser
Size: 57.33MB
Package: com.UCMobile.intl
Views: 0
Op. System: Android
Price: 0
applicationCategory: BrowserApplication
Developer: UC Web
Source: https://www.uc.cn/index.html

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