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Download Firefox 2021 Arabic Latest version Mozilla Firefox is a free, non-monopoly free web browser that the Mozilla Foundation, Mozilla, and some other developers are developing.

The launch

When this browser was launched on September 23, 2002, it was called “Phoenix” and the browser continued under this name until April 14, 2003, where it was changed to Firebird, but this name sparked different reactions, especially due to the Firebird database program that uses the same name, and after conversion, The name changed to Firebird several hours later, and Mozilla changed it to Mozilla Firebird to avoid confusion with the database. But with constant pressure, on February 9, 2004, Mozilla changed its name to Mozilla Firefox, or Firefox. It is worth noting that Firefox is programmed for several languages.

Firefox 2021 features

  • Firefox is the most secure web browser available, with many features that protect the user from viruses and spyware.
  • Firefox is the fastest browser for downloading (to download programs and files).
  • Firefox has a multi-tab feature that allows multitasking easily and conveniently.
  • Firefox allows you to turn on private browsing, that is, to browse web pages without registering history and cookies.
  • There are so many add-ons that you can easily add to your browser to make it suit your needs.

There are some flaws to Firefox but we will only mention that it takes a lot of memory when running it.

Firefox Quantum

Now we will highlight the new Firefox browser, which is called (Firefox Quantum).

Firefox Quantum Browser is a new version of the basic Firefox, but it comes with features that are much more distinct than previous versions of Firefox, and we will try to list them here.

Firefox Quantum Features 2020

  • RAM: Firefox Quantum uses 30% less random memory than Chrome.
  • Browser Response Speed: Firefox Quantum has a fast open and close response. Browsing is also flexible when moving from one tab to another.
  • Stunning design and smart features.
  • Powerful browsing engine: It allows you to load pages faster, as Firefox Quantum is twice faster than previous versions of Firefox.
  • Super smooth browsing: No matter how many tabs open in Firefox Quantum, navigating between them is very easy, and you will know how to do this when using it.
  • Import from Chrome: Firefox Quantum can import all tags, autofill data, passwords, and preferences from Chrome.
  • Private Browsing: Firefox blocks trackers on the network and does not remember the date when private browsing is turned on.
  • Faster page loading: Quantum blocks some ads and scripts that slow down browsing, and loads pages 44% faster than previous versions.
  • Screenshots quickly: Firefox Quantum can take screenshots and share them immediately, so that when you use it, you can relax yourself from searching for screenshots to share.
  • Browse offline.

There are more and more Firefox Quantum features and we can’t mention all of its features here so we’ll leave it discover to you.

By examining these features, it is expected that the number of Firefox Quantum users will be the largest among the number of browsers users unless Google develops its Chrome browser to be able to compete with the Firefox Quantum advantages.

Finally, if you liked the Firefox browser, we strongly advise you to use the latest version and not any other version. We provide you with this page to download the latest Firefox browser for the computer, the latest version.

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