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UC Browser

UC Browser 2021 is a free proprietary web browser, mainly developed for mobile phones, but also available for PC. Yossi Web Company is the primary developer of the browser.

The launch

The first version of Yossi Browser was launched on July 31, 2004. This version was only for Java, but it changed a lot over time. for Android is the current stable version of Yossi Browser. It has been programmed and developed using several languages, including Java and C ++.

UC Browser 2021 Features

  • You can easily install many browser plugins on the mobile version, unlike Google Chrome.
  • It loads pages in advance, which provides a better experience in browsing and surfing the Internet.
  • The file download speed is very high, especially in the mobile version, and you can do without all the download programs if you use it.
  • Yossi Browser is fast at loading pages even when your internet is weak.
  • Yossi provides you with the ability to change the browser layout, in addition to changing colors and fonts.
  • You can control the lighting in it as you want to protect your eyes.
  • Supports flash files playback.
  • It has a full-screen mode.
  • Supports many languages, including Arabic.
  • UC Browser is very easy to handle.
  • It has a private browsing mode, where when this mode is turned on, the browser does not save the date.
  • There is a light version for it, called Yossi Mini.
  • You can download videos in it easily by pressing the download button that appears under the video when it is playing.
  • Its security level is high.
  • UC Browser for mobile is a very strong competitor for Google Chrome.
  • Supports background files download on mobile. If you close the browser and there are ongoing downloads, it will not stop the download, but will continue the download in the background.
  • The browser interface is elegant and beautiful.
  • Play a video in a floating window on the screen. You can watch the video and browse the internet at the same time.
  • Yossi browser blocks ads.
  • Facebook loads 30% to 60% faster compared to other browsers.
  • Provides data usage. This is good when you are not surfing over Wi-Fi.
  • It saves battery consumption when used, whether on mobile phones or laptops.

One of the drawbacks of Yossi Browser is that it is slow to download when watching the video, and it does not support downloading videos from YouTube.

Do I use UC browser?

As for the mobile phone, I strongly advise you to install it with the Chrome browser, which is usually installed by default, because it simply contains features that none of the other internet browsers provide, let alone its very high download speed.

App Info

Name: UC Browser for PC
Version: 6.12909.1603
Size: 1.33 MB
Views: 343
Op. System: Windows
Price: 0
applicationCategory: BrowserApplication
Developer: ucweb
Source: https://m.ucweb.com/

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120 4.5

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