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Google Chrome

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Google Chrome

Google Chrome 2021 Google Chrome is a monopoly program that is one of the most famous web browsers in the world accompanied by Firefox, Opera, and Safari.

Launch and design

The Google Chrome browser was launched for the first time on September 2, 2008, as it is the first version of the Google Chrome browser by Google Inc. Then the versions rolled back and became more sophisticated and beautiful. Whereas, the stable version number is currently 66.0.3359.139, as it has been programmed by C ++.

Since the first release of Google Chrome until now, attention has mainly been devoted to the design and development of the browser on security, speed, and stability in addition to ease of use, as well as the design of its interface, was based on a method that allows displaying the web page with a large area on the screen.

Chrome browser also supports a multi-language display interface, which allows it to be used by many people from all over the world.

Features of Google Chrome 2020

Perhaps the most important thing that distinguishes Google Chrome from other browsers is its speed in downloading web pages. But he also has other advantages that we have already listed some of which we will mention here:

  • Ease of use and simplicity in its design by displaying multiple browsing windows that can be switched between the main window itself.
  • Complex applications run at high speed and efficiency.
  • Providing full protection to the user, for example, when there is a defect in opening a tab, this defect does not affect the rest of the open tabs unlike other browsers.
  • High security for the browser as Google added several features to provide sufficient security from viruses and spyware, in addition to warning the user against entering unpopular web pages.
  • Maintain multiple tabs. Perform a fast search using a Google search engine via the search box in the address bar.
  • Google Chrome enables its users to take advantage of the invisible browsing feature, that is, to visit web pages without revealing the identity and personal data.
  • Do not download files that may harm your computer.
  • You can add a very large group of additions to Google Chrome easily and quickly with the ability to search in additions.
  • Google Chrome defects
  • Plenty of RAM used when running.
  • Google Chrome is not suitable for older devices with weak capabilities.
  • Recently it is probably not the fastest browser ever.


Here we have stood on part of the history and some advantages and disadvantages of Google Chrome browser and we do not recommend using it or not, this is up to the user and the capabilities of his device.

For example, if you have a powerful computer with high capabilities in terms of speed and random memory, Google Chrome is suitable for your computer, but it may not be the most appropriate. But if your computer’s capabilities are weak, we don’t advise you to use Google Chrome because it can never provide you with smooth browsing and high speed under these conditions.

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