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Download Vivaldi Arabic Browser for PC 2021 Vivaldi The Vivaldi Browser is a free web browser developed by a company founded by the founders of Opera.

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The beta version of Vivaldi Browser was launched on November 3, 2015. The first stable version of Vivaldi Browser was launched on April 6, 2016, nearly five months after the beta version was launched.

If you have heard of this browser, then you probably have also heard the most special thing about it, which is that it enables you to customize the interface as you want, as it enables you to change colors and change fonts in addition to changing the location of anything in it.

Download Vivaldi Arabic Browser for PC 2021 latest version

Features of Vivaldi Browser

  • It is the most attractive browser in terms of appearance.
  • The colors of the windows are changed according to the page or site being browsed in the window.
  • It contains a bookmarks manager and a uploads manager, which enables you to access them quite easily Great ease of use of the browser.
  • It is a completely free browser.
  • Vivaldi Browser enables you to take notes for any page with the ability to return to it easily, and you can also add links in the notes.
  • With Vivaldi Browser, you can search for tools inside the browser or even search for files on your computer.
  • Vivaldi enables you to open more than one window at the same time, no, not not like other browsers do, but the browser enables you to open the screen section and open two windows in each half of the screen.
  • We do not find this wonderful property often. It contains a very large collection of themes that you can choose from.
  • In Vivaldi Browser, you can preview the open pages without entering them .

Disadvantage of Vivaldi Browser

  • Vivaldi Browser is relatively slow, especially on weak devices, and it is not fast enough to load web pages despite the ease of navigation between them. But its speed is gradually improved.
  • It was previously not supported by all operating systems. Currently, it supports Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • So do you use Vivaldi Browser?

Download Vivaldi Browser 2018 If your device has a high capacity and you like the beautiful looks of the software more than its efficiency then Vivaldi Browser is a good choice for you. But if you are not interested in landscapes much, we do not recommend you to use it, as there are several browsers that are much more efficient than it.

App Info

Name: vivaldi
Version: 5.2.2623.48
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Op. System: Windows
applicationCategory: BrowserApplication
Developer: Vivaldi Technologies

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