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Brave Browser is an open-source web browser that works on all three different platforms: Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX and features fast internet browsing speed, along with one of the best features of Brave Browser, is the ability to block ads when browsing the web and ensure privacy and security.

The new browser relies on ad-blocking technologies and the inconvenience of online advertising, moreover, this browser also has the ability to browse faster than other browsers.

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Brave is available in iOS, Android, Windows and Mac versions with a browsing speed of up to two to four times more than phone browsers and 1.4 times that of other computer browsers.

Brave Browser features

  • Browse faster by blocking ads and tracking tools.
  • Browse the web more safely by protecting user information from being tracked or stolen by third parties.
  • Users who have the right to choose ads will appear.
  • Share revenue with website owners and users.

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The emergence of online advertising services abundantly from Google search results, social networks, Facebook or e-mail makes you suspect that website owners are trying to penetrate your personal life, and a talk in 2021 by Tim Cook – Apple CEO – confirms what we say: “When a service Online advertising is free, you are not a customer but you become a product. “

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Brave browser focuses on this factor and aims to display ads that are of interest to users, and to block all ads or other web elements with ads, Brave derives its services from the user’s browsing history, which allows ads that users are interested in (while you can still make the website Unaware of everything about you), as the browser developers said that the company does not want to know such information.

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Brave uses Chromium source code, but the browser interface is not like Chrome, on the right side is menu or print options or a new window, and most important of all is the shield menu, the menu from which you can block ads and replace them with the ads you want to appear.

Ad-blocking options in Bravey menu

  • Includes control options in the shield menu
  • Replace (default) ads, block ads, or allow ads and tracking.
  • Block third-party cookies (default).
  • Block popups.

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In Brave Computer Browser If you open more than 6 tabs at the same time, the browser will automatically split into different pages, you can change this number in the preferences section, and you can also specify the maximum number of tabs. However, this is a good feature because the tabs that are split and grouped on the pages will remain the same width on the browser interface, so you will not be in a situation where you cannot see the website name in the tab.

The tab preview feature is also good when you drag the mouse over the only open tab, as the browser will render the page blurry without having to click to see it.

The current version of Windows is only intended for 64-bit computers.

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The browser uses the HTTPS Everywhere feature, but if you find that it causes slow performance, you can disable it in the settings menu, there will also be an option to block pop-ups or block third-party cookies.

In addition to giant browsers, Brave Browser is also a good option for browsing the web thanks to the high speed and high security of information from users.

Brave Browser is a “master” browser with Firefox for the same founder, and has modern web browsing technologies, plus basic features.

Brave Browser is a web browser with fast internet browsing and built-in ad blocking capabilities that help you ensure safety and prevent annoying ads. Thanks to this technology that users enjoy, you can be sure to browse the web without being disturbed by pop-up ads, providing convenience for users.

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Since there are no ads when browsing the web, minimizing promotional videos, and blocking website popups, the speed of your web browsing is greatly accelerated.

Thanks to Brave Browser’s ad-blocking technology, the browser is safe for users since some malicious websites or malicious codes have also been blocked by the software, ensuring the complete security of the computer and its user data.

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Brave Browser uses the Chernium kernel feature developed by Google so that the browser includes some features of the basic Chrome browser such as the interface, the ability to browse the web in different tabs with the ability to view multiple websites simultaneously on the same browser.

Brave Browser’s private browsing capabilities are greatly appreciated, given the security of the program that ensures that all websites you view on your browser are private as secure as possible, information about private websites being maintained and removed once the browser is turned off.


With the attractive features offered by Brave Browser, users can browse the web freely without worrying about the inconvenience of advertising programs, and always rest assured that their tools will not monitor users’ computers as they do in some other browsers.

The challenge for Brave pc continues to persuade users to switch from their usual browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. if Brave has managed to attract a large number of users (about 10 million others), the company is also planning to bring in more users along with browser speed and privacy.

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