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Download Tor = For PC 2024

Download Tor Browser for PC 2021 with a direct link Tor Browser is a free, free, and open-source web browser. It is a security version of Firefox.

The launch

The first Tor Browser was launched on September 20, 2002 by the Tor Project, which is the original developer of this browser, and the current stable version is Tor 7.5.3.

The Tor Browser is programmed and developed by volunteers in both C ++ and Python. The browser is available in about 15 languages, including Arabic, English, German, Spanish, Persian, and French.

Tor Browser is a powerful tool if you need to bypass Internet censorship to access specific websites, or if you do not want to know which sites your IP address and geographical location visit to you.

Tor Browser Features 2020

  • The most important feature of the Tor Browser, as mentioned, is security. It enables you to browse the internet while protecting your identity and browsing information from monitoring and tracking.
  • You can enter blocked sites in some countries.
  • With the Tor browser, you can create a website without knowing who you are, which is great and very important for some developers, activists, or media professionals.
  • The Tor network, through which the Tor browser encrypts data, does not keep anyone tracking your data.
  • You can create a Tor website and this website can only be visited by Tor Browser users.
  • Disadvantages of the Tor browser
  • Tor Browser is slow to load websites.
  • Some websites do not allow you to enter them through the Tor browser, not because they are banned in your country and your identity has been revealed, but because they consider the Tor network a threat to the security of its information.
  • Tor Browser disables some services or features to keep it confidential.
  • Tor Browser does not protect all internet activities on your computer or phone.

How does Tor Browser work?

The Tor Browser is based on the Tor network, and the Tor network is designed to maintain digital anonymity and avoid censorship.

Some volunteers run thousands of servers that make up the Tor network. The Tor Browser selects three Tor nodes and connects to the Internet through them on each new connection, causing each part of this path to be blinded to such an extent that the nodes themselves do not know the full path through which you send and receive data.

No one can know your IP address and geographical location, even the Tor network itself. Your surfing the Internet will appear from a different place from the time you use this browser.

Do I use Tor?

Well, do not expect that you will use the Tor Browser as you use other web browsers (Firefox – Chrome – Opera – Safari ……. etc.) then you will notice that these latest browsers are much more efficient than the Tor Browser. But if you prefer to keep your browsing hidden, and you do not want anyone to monitor you, or if you want to enter a site that is banned in your country, the Tor Browser appears to be an ideal choice for you.

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