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Download the Twitter application for Android for free Arabic 2019 Twitter The Twitter application is one of the communication widgets or blogging, as it allows users to communicate and follow them to each other through the tweets they write.

And Twitter is one of the most used and fastest applications, as it cares about breaking news, personal news, and even writing views and visions about different matters, so Twitter can be considered as expressing the person who has the account.

The application allows its users to write tweets in 280 characters, after increasing it to double instead of 140 characters, at the beginning of this year.

The birth of the Twitter app

Downloading the Twitter mobile application, Twitter arose as an experimental social networking site, developed by Odeo, beginning in 2006 in the United States of America, and then formally launched in October of the same year for all American users.

The site spread in all states of America because of the ease of use, but it went out to other countries in 2007 to be the first microblogging site, and in April of the same year Odeo company separated Twitter from its company to start a new company called the site Twitter.

Twitter appeared on the Google search engine in December 2009, where various tweets appeared in the research results.

The advantages of downloading Twitter Plus, the latest version for Android, with a direct link 2020

  • Twitter is the simplest application among the various social media applications, as it provides simplicity of use and speed of access.
  • Personalization features, Twitter app added features to customize the application for the user, where each user is a personal design, by changing the background colors of the application or application themes, while changing the personal image, the background image, in addition to the ability to install any specific tweet on the home page.
  • The ability to communicate with people who are not followed by the user, the Twitter application allows the ability to communicate with people he did not know before, as the application suggests communicating with people who have the same interests.
  • The hashtag feature, which is a feature that enables the user to know all the information about a specific subject or a specific word, by specifying the users for the word preceded by the hashtag # sign, which is the first site to add the hashtag feature and its distinctive feature.
  • List Features: A feature that enables the user to create a list that includes a number of similar accounts together, in a list with a specific name to facilitate access to it.
  • Integrated statistics, just as Facebook provides statistics for business page owners, the Twitter application provides a number of different statistics.
  • Downloading Twitter allows you to delete private messages. The Twitter application allows you to delete messages that the user previously sent to another through the application, without the message appearing to the sender or recipient.

Features recently added to the Twitter application

  • Smartphone notifications, the Twitter app added the “Smartphone notifications” feature and includes custom news updates, which choose the type of news according to the accounts the user follows.
  • Double the number of tweets, as Twitter increased the number of tweets from 140 to 280 characters per tweet by downloading the Tampermonkey plugin.
  • Night mode feature, is one of the features that Twitter is interested in including in all its products “website and application” to keep the eyes of its users at night to protect from harmful rays.
  • Better internal search engine, as Twitter has improved the search engine’s functions within the site or application, adding various variations to reach more relevant search results by customizing the results.
  • Internet bundles saving mode, Twitter application for all operating systems includes the feature of saving internet data, which is Save data which allows the provision of internet packages, and the feature is useful in canceling automatic play of videos.
  • Stop notifications for reading messages, as the Twitter application allowed the cancellation of the recipient’s reading feature for private messages, or not, as it is not possible to know whether the messages were read or not ?, through the Settings menu, choose Privacy, then click Privacy and Safety and disable read receipts.

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