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Download the Instagram program for Android with a direct link for free 2020, Instagram is one of the most important social networking applications, by sharing photos between friends, which is the fastest way to track the news of friends only through photos.

Instagram application is an application launched in 2010 for a small development company, soon achieved great success thanks to the application that reached all parts of the world within only two years, and when Facebook decided to acquire it to ensure an increase in the number of users of its applications and monopoly of all important social networking sites, it already acquired it in April 2012 for $ 35 million, the largest number paid at the time to purchase a site.

The price of the Instagram app exceeded its time, which was paid by Yahoo in the acquisition of the most important social networking site “Flickr”, which it acquired soon after the Facebook deal.

Instagram 2021 application

Download the program to increase followers of Instagram for Android, the Instagram application is the easiest application to follow everything that the user loves easily, by following the accounts of legal persons or bodies that provide content that he favors, where the user can follow the accounts of the countries he wants to travel to know more about them or follow the accounts of fashion designers To get to know fashion quickly.

The most common use of the application is to follow friends to pay attention to all their activities and activities and to communicate with them up-to-date.

The application was initially launched for iOS, then appeared for Android, and its version for Windows Phone was delayed until 2014.

Instagram Features

  • Instagram application can use its users to post different photos and videos that they like to keep.
  • The ability to edit images and videos via the application using different filters and tools, the most important of which is the combination of different videos.
  • Instagram application allows the feature of “news feed” or your feed to view all the photos and videos of friends on the home page, to enable the user to interact with them easily by liking or commenting.
  • The story feature, which enables the user to share multiple images in a complete story that is formulated with them, and text can be added to images and modified through drawing tools, and that story disappears after 24 hours have passed, and it does not appear in the profile after that.
  • Instagram only allows live streaming with friends, to allow them to follow faster and easier.
  • The app allows sending private messages to a specific friend, and sending photos and videos to a single person, whether those pictures are yours or seen by other friends.
  • Instagram offers a different feature from the rest of the social media, which is an exploration of new accounts and the possibility
  • Follow their photos and videos, through a dedicated tab called “Explore.”
  • It is the easiest app to access personal files of famous artists, ballplayers, scholars, and sheiks.
  • The application enables its users to make a “crown” for friends in the photos published to them.
  • Facebook allows integration between Facebook and Instagram applications, where stories, photos, and videos can be shared from Instagram to the Facebook application.
  • The application’s privacy allows the user to choose specific people to view private albums, or to block them from specific friends as well.
  • Conference calls, which is the feature that the application added during the current month, and it is the latest added benefit of the application.
  • The hashtag feature, which enables users to follow hashtags through a news feed.

Disadvantages of the Instagram app

The application does not malfunction with any technical or privacy problems, but some users complain about the integration process between the Facebook application and the Instagram application, as they prefer more privacy for their accounts away from their Facebook friends, which can be considered work accounts.

Instagram application is interested in the coming period, adding many features that are being tested, among them, allowing users to share their friends ’stories within their own stories, in addition to the feature of knowing the times that were used inside the application, a feature that YouTube has already applied.

App Info

Name: Instagram
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Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: CommunicationApplication
Developer: Instagram

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