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Not a few users prefer not to resort to the most common chat and messaging apps like WhatsApp and Messenger for many reasons, they prefer to rely on an alternative type to send and receive messages, there are a lot of options in front of them such as: Telegram, line, imo … etc, as well as BOTIM.

Download the BOTIM 2021 program for video calls for free: The BOTIM app is a recently launched instant messaging app that allows messaging with free voice and video calls.

Downloading BOTIM is a great way to keep in touch anytime, anywhere with your friends, the program contains extensive functions that combine the capabilities of the most popular instant messaging programs.

Botim messenger program

Botim application enables free voice and video calls over 2G, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection and also supports all Arab and international mobile network operators, so it is not an application that is not among the apps that have been blocked from most Arab countries.

And because it is the only application that does not block free voice and video communication, its number of users has reached more than 5 million within a very short time.

Botim for calls 2020

And because the Bottom application is newly emerging among different messaging applications, it allows users to choose a list of friends who want to communicate with them through the Butem application, to send invitations to download the application and communicate with them through it, as it is the lightest application among the social media applications, and it is also the least used for the phone processor.

An important feature of BOTIM, it supports a wide range of communication methods. You can send and receive messages not only over Wi-Fi or 4G but also less common standards like 2G.

The features of the BOTIM 2021 application

  • Encrypted calls are not prohibited in some countries that have prevented calls via competing applications such as “Egypt, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh” in addition to England, Germany, France, Canada, and the United States of America.
  • Video calls with great accuracy and without interruption in most countries, even densely populated areas or areas that block other VoIP calls and block free calls like Saudi Arabia and the UAE.
  • BOTIM big group chats of up to 500 friends at once.
  • After downloading Bottom, you will be able to share photos, videos, audio clips, and text.
  • Botim free program for medical calls.
  • Provide an opportunity to share the user’s location with his friends in the event of difficulty in describing the address.
  • The ability to share different contacts from the phone with friends.
  • Complete library and emoji label control panel available for BOTIM application.
  • Download Botim messenger 2021 Arabic as the application is available in Arabic and English.
  • If you want to download a botim program for your computer, go to the “download botim for windows free” section.
  • Supports suitable voice messages.
  • The app also supports video calls.
  • Thanks to the good optimization, the recipient will receive a message even if the data transmission speed is very limited.
  • If you need to connect a few people to the conversation, this can be done with the help of group conversations, as there is enough room for even half a thousand users.
  • Don’t worry about confidentiality, the app transmits data via impenetrable encrypted channels in order to obtain personal data, so every participant in the conversation will feel completely safe.

Features of the latest update from the BOTIM Messenger app

  • Voice calling and video call optimization.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

UAE telecom companies have tried to take advantage of the great success of the botim messenger application, “Etisalat and Du” and they agreed with the application to provide unlimited voice and video calls within the United Arab Emirates in exchange for monthly packages and as an addition to their prepaid service.

Download the call program

Users were dismayed by downloading the BOTIM program from the idea of ​​its switching to a paid application, and they also noted the bad experience of not completing it, especially in international calls, as a number of users in other Arab countries were surprised at the beginning of this year by stopping the voice service completely, which forced the developer of the application Upon updating the app to restart it for free again.

Download botim

The users considered what the UAE telecom companies did “a hoax” as they acquired 100 dirhams and users did not get free calls from the application.

The disadvantages of BOTIM

  • After downloading the latest BOTIM app, for free, with a direct link, sometimes an echo appears in voice calls.
  • Some users experience a malfunction with the Bootem application, with an unread message notification, which is false and false.
  • Sometimes even though the user is online, the incoming calls through the application are not heard, but only appear after entering the application itself.
  • The application does not show the status of the caller or friends “online or offline?”
  • The application consumes a large amount of data when making voice and video calls, more than the competing applications.
  • The absence of the conference calls feature in the BOTIM app.
  • The program is a program of group calls for Android, which allows the feature of conference calls.
  • When making an audio or video call through the program the connection status is not shown.
  • BOTIM does not allow the status of the sent message, has it arrived or not? Was it read or not?
  • BOTIM does not support traditional voice messages.
  • The application does not show the last time a friend called through the program.
  • The need to send text messages to friends who wish to communicate with them “free calls” before starting the actual call.

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