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Viber Messenger

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Download Viber Messenger = For Android

Download the Viber program for Android mobile phones. The Viber application is one of the first programs that were used in communication, especially free calls. It is characterized by many features that facilitate users’ communication process, whether it is for those who have Viber program on their phones, or by using the phone number directly without the need for the application at the party The other, and this is done very cheaply if you call without a fiber.

How to activate Viber 2020

Download the Viber 2021 program for Android with a direct link for free. When you download the Viber 2021 program on your device, you will be asked to activate by phone number only in easy and easy steps, then you choose the country and this is often done automatically, and you will receive the activation message on the SMS or by a voice call. In it the activation number is dictated to the user.

Viber 2021 application compatible with phones and operating systems

Viber is available for all types of devices and smartphones such as:
Download the program Viber Viber for computer [desktop, pc, laptop], Viber for iPhone, Viber for Android (apk), and the number of users has reached ten million users all over the world which makes Viber program very popular within the programs of communication and chatting.

Downloading Viber on Windows, Android, and iPhone operating systems allow chatting via text messages, sharing photos and videos, and using emojis that make conversations more beautiful and lively, as well as free video calls along with voice calls which are among the most important features and features of Viber.

Viber 2021 stickers

One of the fun things about the Viber app is the amazing stickers that the program sends to all users on famous occasions and holidays known around the world, which makes Viber more familiar and solidarity with its users in all countries. With the ability to change the background of the chat with beautiful and wonderful pictures available when Viber download.

Viber chat groups

  • Creating chat groups with friends and family just got easier with Viber; You only need to go to the contacts and choose who you want to include in the group, and it will appear in front of each name whether he is using Viber or not, and you can also invite a friend to use and download Viber and communicate with you through this wonderful program.
  • Syncing important conversations and chats have become one of the most important features of social networking programs, so Viber had this important feature; It is useful if you change your phone or use a Viber for a computer, and you will find all of your important conversations on any device you use.
  • Viber interface is one of the easiest and easiest to use; It is divided into three sections: the first for the conversations that you have made, the second for your contacts, and the third for the calls that you have made that you will make via Viber for free calls.
  • Fiber uses wifi, in addition to 3G and 2G mobile data, but to get the best communication and clearest voice for voice and video calls, the internet speed should be relatively high.

Viber privacy settings

Privacy is one of the most important characteristics that all users of communication and chat software are looking for; It gives the user security and a sense of comfort while dealing with the application, and Viber gives you several options of privacy including hide the last appearance, and hide the status: online or online now, in addition to hiding the visibility of messages; If you are busy or in a good mood to answer all messages, You can see all the messages and respond to the important ones only, without anyone being bothered about not answering them after seeing their messages.

Viber program for the computer

At the end of the article, we would like to draw your attention to a computer version. If you download Viber to a computer, the activation steps will be as we talked about at the beginning of the article, and then enjoy clearer and more realistic video calls using WebCam, which is free just like the mobile app.

App Info

Name: Viber Messenger
Size: 110.6 MB
Package: com.viber.voip
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Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: CommunicationApplication
Developer: Viber Media

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