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Download WhatsApp for Android apk for free 2021 WhatsApp The new WhatsApp 2021 is one of the most popular communication and chat programs in the world, especially after Facebook bought it, and made it part of the largest social networking site ever Facebook,

And it became possible to link the WhatsApp account with your Facebook account; So you share your phone number and data, and you can share photos, videos, your status, etc., and Facebook suggests you a new friend list based on the phone number that was shared from WhatsApp.

The new WhatsApp program 2020

Before this event that we talked about previously, the WhatsApp program was a pioneer in its field, which made Facebook buy it, because it has several features that make it in the first place among the means of chatting, as it allows you to correspond with family and friends and communicate with them at any time and any time. A place, with very little data usage when using text chat.

What makes WhatsApp the most used, is that it is available to the vast majority of users who own modern and smart devices, where you can find the accounts of family and friends and communicate with them easily and conveniently.

Also, your WhatsApp account is registered with the phone number; So people will not find it difficult to get to know you, you already know who you want to communicate with via WhatsApp because his phone number is in the contacts on your phone, so you will not find any difficulty in communicating with your friends and acquaintances.

Learn about some of the features of WhatsApp 2020

WhatsApp is characterized by the ability to communicate via text messages, and share all types of files such as text files (word, pdf), and multimedia (mp3, mp4), but the size of the file that you want to send must not be more than 16 MB, otherwise WhatsApp will not be able to send it. You want to send files and media of large sizes. Either you divide the file into several parts or send it through another program that supports sending files in an unlimited size, such as Telegram.

WhatsApp groups are one of the basic features in it, and they are created in a very easy way. After pressing the Create a Private Group button, you choose the members and users you want to add to the group from the contact list, then write the group name and choose a suitable picture and description for it, by clicking the button Creation The group will be ready for chatting, exchanging experiences and sharing friends on all occasions, and the number of WhatsApp groups will reach a maximum of 256 people, which is sufficient for normal use and to be able to keep up with comments and respond to them and follow everything that is published in the group.

The feature of quoting the comment and responding to it from the important and useful updates made by WhatsApp, especially in groups and when there are many messages, you will not be able to speak to a specific person or respond to a specific message from him; The Comment Quote feature solves this problem and makes it easier to attribute the response to a specific user.

How to keep group messages

If you participate in many groups in which there is an exchange of benefits and experiences, and you want to keep some messages for reference later, or publish them elsewhere, just put a star on the message that you want to keep, without the need to copy and save it in notes, You’ll find everything you starred on in a separate list titled: starred messages.

High quality WhatsApp calls

Voice and video calls are now available on WhatsApp, and they are free for life, so the connection is via the Wi-Fi network or even if you want to use mobile data, the cost will never be like if you call from the phone directly, especially for those who want to contact their families and relatives in another country.

All this and more you can find in this wonderful application, try downloading WhatsApp and learn about
All its features and advantages are available on your own, it is available on Android, iPhone and Windows Phone operating systems, and a copy of WhatsApp for the computer in addition to WhatsApp Web has been provided to access your account from any browser and on any operating system without the need to download the program.

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