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WhatsApp Plus

Download WhatsApp plus = For Android

Download WhatsApp Plus 2020: The WhatsApp Plus program is one of the most popular programs of our time, it is a modified version of the original WhatsApp program that is not approved by Facebook in any way.

WhatsApp plus 2019 has many great features that give the user a lot more privacy than the original app.
The advantages of WhatsApp Plus applications in the latest updates and versions are in helping the user to block it by the internationally known company WhatsApp so that the user has complete freedom to download, download and install it on mobile phones, each according to its version and type.

WhatsApp Plus application for Android

Download the WhatsApp Plus Gold program. This application is considered one of the most popular and used programs in Arab countries as an alternative to the original WhatsApp application. It offers beautiful features that help users increase their privacy. The latest version of this application is compatible with all devices, and it also offers features that contribute to ensuring comfort And security for all users.

Pros of  WhatsApp Plus program, the latest version for Android

  • Downloading WhatsApp plus secures the ability to activate the feature of hiding the last appearance, as the application user does not appear with the group of callers who has “now online”, and he can also show the date of the last appearance on the application at a time old from the time the caller actually entered the application.
  • Whatsapp plus 2021 provides the feature of hiding the second right in chats, which makes the person who speaks to us believe that the message has not been delivered, one of the most beautiful features is that we can retrieve deleted messages too easily!
  • Downloading the latest version of WhatsApp Plus provides you with the feature of hiding the blue tabs signal in chats, which makes the person with whom we are talking to believe that we have not read the message, while we can know that the speaking person has read the message, by means of the blue health sign next to each chat.
  • Hide the word “writing in progress” that appears under our name for the other person while writing the message to him.
  • Hide the word Voice Recording at the beginning of the recording.
  • This application enables the user to use two copies of WhatsApp without the need to root the device or download a clone of the original WhatsApp program.
  • This application enables the user to read the status of all his callers in the WhatsApp program, and whether they are online now or not.
  • This wonderful application enables the user to send files that are large in size up to 50 MB, without reducing their quality, which is impossible in the original WhatsApp program.
  • After downloading the modern WhatsApp Plus program, you can change the font size and color in the color that the user prefers.
  • The ability to change the application’s shape, color, and interface through a set of features available in the application itself.
  • The user can see the profile picture of the person he is talking to inside the groups, unlike the original WhatsApp.
  • After downloading the latest version of the blue WhatsApp Plus program, you can bypass the ban that some countries implement on the original WhatsApp, as it can be used in any country in the world.
  • WhatsApp Plus allows the user to encrypt messages and calls and preserve all conversations and files exchanged between users, which makes replacing the regular WhatsApp with this developed application an indispensable thing.
  • Download Whatsapp plus program for Android for free with a direct link

Cons of WhatsApp Plus for Android

  • In the previous version Whatsapp plus 2020, some experts confirmed that in some versions of
  • WhatsApp Plus, the application is targeted by hackers to use user data and download other applications without their knowledge of it.
  • In some previous versions of WhatsApp Plus, the process of blocking their users and their numbers were carried out by the global WhatsApp company for a period of 24 hours until they delete it and return to the original application.
  • Some reports have spoken that some versions of WhatsApp Plus expose the user’s phone to malware and hackers, and the user’s personal information and pictures can be stolen.

Solve the blocking problem in WhatsApp

  1. Keep a backup copy of the WhatsApp Plus application, then delete it completely.
  2. Download the original WhatsApp from Google Play.
  3. Sign in as normal without performing the restore.
  4. Leave the previous backup and restore it when the developer of this application can find the appropriate solution to the problem, then you will reinstall it again.

App Info

Name: WhatsApp Plus
Version: 6.60
Size: 28.9MB
Views: 32
Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: CommunicationApplication
Developer: Rafalense

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