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Download WhatsApp Business for Android 2021 latest version for free WhatsApp Business application WhatsApp Business is the official application from WhatsApp, it is an application that enables users to promote their commercial activities and communicate with different customers through the application.

WhatsApp Business works by logging in on it via the business number, and it can work in parallel with the original WhatsApp app with another number on the same smart device.

WhatsApp Business includes all the benefits of the original WhatsApp Messenger application, but it includes a number of different additional features.

The WhatsApp Business app came to compete with the Telegram app, which specifically focused on dealers, which made it a special place for them, which increased the number of its users as it was considered at one time a first-class commercial application.

WhatsApp Business features

  • The WhatsApp Business application is completely free, and the company does not intend to obtain any money for the application or communications within it.
  • Downloading WhatsApp Business provides you with the ability to use the landline to log in to the WhatsApp business application, as a landline can be used to communicate with customers, by selecting “Call me” during the activation of the number so that the application itself calls through the landline to connect the application activation code.
  • Add information about the business or project within WhatsApp Business, including the type and location of the activity, and contact details.
  • The ability to use the WhatsApp Business application with the original WhatsApp Messenger on one device, and each application of them works with a phone number other than the same and with the same or different contacts.
  • The availability of WhatsApp Business application for different messaging tools, as it allows more degree of interaction with customers, also enables the business owner to respond quickly through a special alert that works in times of non-work and is an “outside working hours” alert, and enables the user to send a message to welcome and inform the customer of the activity Commercial automatically without user intervention.
  • The ability to use WhatsApp Business over the web just like the original, and it adds the ability to respond quickly and easily to customers through a large computer keyboard that is easy to write on.
  • The WhatsApp Business app provides the continuous statistics feature of the application, as it shows the number of inquiries received by the business and the number of automated responses issued by it.
  • WhatsApp Business provides a complete communication experience, through which text, audio, or video can be communicated, and at the same time, the profile provides the email and the official page of the Facebook or LinkedIn app.

New features added to WhatsApp Business

  • Support for quick responses feature to insert pictures, videos, and animations in addition to text messages.
  • Group descriptions can now be added, as group members can be given the opportunity to know important information or a group topic, and group descriptions also appear when inviting anyone via the group’s invitation link.
  • Schedule welcome messages for specified recipients, just like messages abroad, and you can now control who receives your Greeting messages.

Features found in the original WhatsApp and business WhatsApp applications

  • The ability to communicate text and voice as well as visual.
  • Providing the opportunity for group chats, whether text or voice, which facilitates sending messages about new products or services with one click of all clients.
  • The ability to send all different media files to clients to explain business accurately.
  • The ability to restore application chats through backup.

Disadvantages of the WhatsApp Business 2021 application

The only flaw that appeared on the WhatsApp business application so far is the failure of the user who transferred the original WhatsApp chat records to the business application, to restore the chats again to the original application, and this problem can be avoided by making sure to keep the various files of the chats in the backup On the computer, not the phone.

App Info

Name: WhatsApp Business
Size: 40.55MB
Package: com.whatsapp.w4b
Views: 0
Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: CommunicationApplication
Developer: WhatsApp LLC

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