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Download Telegram for Android 2021 for free: The Telegram app is one of the world-famous instant messaging applications, which offers the possibility of individual text messaging and between large groups.

The Telegram app is a fast application, through which text messages are sent safely, free and simple, and audio, video or pictures can also be sent.


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With large chat groups, you can share texts, photos, and videos with them, and store posts via cloud computing.

The start of the Telegram app

Download the latest Telegram program for Android: The Nikolai brothers began developing the Telegram app in 2013, with Russian Pavel Dorf who had previous experience establishing the Russian social networking site VKontakte.

The brothers Nikolai and Vkontakte formed a new organization called “Telegram” in Berlin, and Nikolai designed the application while paying for whatever Drov needed, as they adopted a new protocol they called MTProto.

Although they developed an application that does not provide different services than other messaging apps like WhatsApp and Viber, they tried to compete with their fledgling app.

In the first quarter of this year, the number of Telegram users reached 200 million monthly active users.

Advantages of downloading Telegram

  • Larger chat groups: Creates chat groups with up to 100,000 members.
  • More photos sent: The Telegram app allows you to send multiple photos at once via “Forward” forwarding before uploading to the phone.
  • Secret Chat: One of the first applications that enabled the secret and encrypted chat feature that cannot be seen, as it automatically destroys the “self-destruct” feature after a period determined by the sender and the time of which the message is canceled even from the company’s servers.
  • Preserving the phone space: The application gives the user an important feature to send photos and videos immediately to the cloud computing to keep the phone memory, which is a safe space.
  • Direct communication between Telegram and users: Telegram is the only application that allows its users to communicate with them directly by going to “Settings” and then choosing “Ask a question” to send the answer by the team quickly.
  • Allow transmission of more accurate videos: Telegram allows the ability to send videos of 1.5 GB, which is the largest size allowed between messaging applications.
  • Speed: The fastest messaging application, due to the increase in the number of servers and their proliferation in many countries of the world, and therefore the users of each country interact with servers close to them geographically.
  • Trust: The Telegram application maintains its protocol and is concerned with delivering messages with a lower likelihood of being read by application servers, and messages through it use the lowest speed for the Internet.
  • Insurance: The application is the least exposed to penetration and hacker, as the developed company insures it and updates the insurance method continuously.

New features of recent releases of Telegram

  • With Telegram, you can now set conversations as read or unread by continuously pressing.
  • The opportunity to hear audio messages and videos quickly.
  • The ability to share data and contacts between the user and his friends in vCard format.
  • The ability to replace the media while writing the same messages.
  • New, improved interface for Telegram to display search results.
  • Downloading Telegram for Android with a direct link 2019 Telegram gives you the ability to create text with links, to create a link in the format.

Disadvantages of the Telegram application

  • Chat groups Despite their large numbers exceeding 100,000, there is no manager for them, so anyone can post to them.
  • Forwarding messages, bearing the name of the person who sent the message, which may cause inconvenience to the source of the message, especially with the presence of his name and photo.
  • Telegram does not primarily deal with contacts, as it saves the names of the users the user has entered, which means that when the phone is lost or has been broken up, the friends ’names can be easily accessed, not just their numbers, which poses a risk to the data.

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