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Download WeChat for Android with a direct link for free last version 2021 WeChat application is the Chinese instant messaging application, it is one of the most used messaging applications in the world, due to the use of the Chinese people.

The need for the WeChat application arose due to the banning of applications and the Google search engine company in China, which is a distinctive application that contributes to increasing the number of dealers in e-commerce due to its ability to secure electronic payment.

The origination of WeChat

Download the old version of WeChat, the Chinese state-owned company, Tencent, developed its application Wechat and launched its first beta in 2011, the first Chinese instant messaging program, and for the Chinese government, it is well protected.

The application is distinguished by being the only one working in China, after blocking the services and products of international companies such as Google and Facebook, and the application maintains the data of its users inside China, as the application servers are within the country.

Download the WeChat program for Android, the latest version, the Wechat application arrived in 2016 to be one of the most widespread messaging programs with a number of 890 million active users, and in 2021 it had reached the fourth application in terms of the number of users.

However, the number of its users decreased during the current year due to the feeling of users that it is a Chinese application only, so its users around the world lost.

The WeChat 2021 Wechat application is ideal in China, as it is the first payment method there, so you do not need to carry money, and it is possible to book the appointments of doctors and workers, in addition to paying all government bills.

WeChat features

  • The ability to send various instant messages between text, voice, and even video.
  • The opportunity for group text chat and group calls, a group chat can include more than 500 users.
  • Group video calls, as WeChat allows video chats with 9 people, enabling remote dialogs and scientific discussions.
  • The quality of voice and video calls, all calls are free, and their quality is high and is the most accurate among other messaging applications.
  • Multiple and varied posters, as WeChat offers many free stickers form to express all the feelings and feelings of users, and it also includes shapes and appearances of some animated films.
  • Best privacy, WeChat app gives its users the best privacy, it is the only app approved by TRUSTe.
  • The app supports 20 different languages ​​and supports direct translation, to easily translate the application to any other language.

Only special features for WeChat

  • Availability of calls to landlines and phones, through the WeChat OUT feature. It can talk to fixed and mobile lines easily and at lower prices than normal.
  • Moments feature, a feature within the WeChat app to share the best moments through personal photos.
  • The possibility of meeting with new friends through the “Friends Radar” and “Friends of Friends” attributes, which are advantages for getting to know new friends.
  • The ability to locate the user currently, by sharing the user’s location via a spatial map.
  • The advantages of payments are available, as telephone payments for bills, car rental, and even shopping can be done through application code only.

Disadvantages of WeChat

  • Messages and multimedia between friends and each other via the application cannot be accessed from its computer version.
  • Recent updates have added to the complexity of the application, as users find it difficult to use the application’s features, especially the “Friends Radar” feature.
  • The application is in languages ​​other than English and Chinese. The length of the time mentions registration and privacy problems, so the only solution to avoid these problems is to change the language to English.
  • Updates made by the developer of the application, separated the favorite files from the application, so that images and songs are not shown from the favorites, and therefore the user lost them.

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Developer: Tencent Technology

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