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Download Frankly for Android 2019: With One Step, You are on Reality! Frankly Online is a social networking application. His idea is based on enabling the user to know the opinion of his friends about him without knowing their identity. This allows them to speak without embarrassment, compliments, or hypocrisy. The application helps you know your faults and thus we expect you to work to fix them. And also to introduce yourself more.

How to use the application

Download the latest release program of the latest version 2021 You can log in via Facebook or create a new account, then your link will appear to you, then you will publish it on Facebook or Twitter. Then your added friends on these social platforms enter the link and write messages frankly! Then you enter the application continues to see the new messages that you received from your friends without knowing their identity.

Download the frank program with a direct link

The application also supports chatting, so by entering it and clicking on chat online, the number of clearers will now appear and you can chat with them confidentially.
Maybe a question comes to your mind: Can I use this app to expose my privacy for the violation? Therefore, we will display the application’s privacy policy.

Online Privacy Policy

Download an explicit program for iPhone, just like other websites, expressly online is subject to the Internet protocol. Accordingly, the host server will register Internet addresses, browser type, Internet service provider, date, time, number of clicks to analyze trends, manage site traffic, track users within the site, and collect demographic information. All of this information is subject to IP without identifying you.

Downloading the old Sarahah program explicitly online does not use cookies to store information about visitor preferences. The user’s record contains specific information about the pages the user wants to visit or visit. Google, as a third party, uses cookies to serve ads.

Download the original express application, users may choose not to use cookies by visiting the Google ads section, Lind Privacy. These companies have the right to use information about your visits to this site and to other websites (except for the name, address, email address or phone number), in order to provide advertisements about the goods and services of interest to you.

Terms of use

  • Respect: Respect is an obligation to ask questions and interact with them. The application does not block any phrases that may be considered offensive to literature and cannot be reviewed, but in return the application allows any user to delete the message via the delete feature next to each message.
  • Legal Age: Those under 16 years old are not allowed to use this app.
  • Your real person: There is no need to pretend that you are another person on the Internet explicitly, because the nature of the application forces you to show your identity to benefit from that special experience. The application originally does not allow the creation of fake accounts, and if it detects a fake account, its owner will be blocked.
  • Your safety: the application maintains your safety through the feature of deleting messages and stopping direct chatting, but you also have to protect yourself by not posting a link explicitly on anonymous sites, we advise you to publish it only on your pages on social networking sites.
  • Accounts subject to deletion:
  • Fake accounts.
  • Terrorist accounts and violent extremist groups that encourage the perpetration of any terrorist or criminal activity.
  • Securing the site: It is forbidden to do any type of business through the application, as well as for collecting information about members, it is also prohibited to upload any kind of viruses and harmful codes to the application.

Violation of one or several items of the aforementioned items may lead to the final termination of the account without consulting its owner.

In the end we would like to advise the user to put the application in the right place, use it for entertainment only. We do not deny the importance of knowing your friends’ opinions of you, but the most important thing is your opinion of yourself!

App Info

Name: sarahah
Version: 1.0.08
Size: 5.84MB
Views: 0
Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: EntertainmentApplication
Developer: Sarahah

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