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Bitmoji app is an Android operating system application, to convert traditional photos into cartoon or emoji graphics.

Bitmoji is a cartoon app designed by the famous Canadian company Bitstrips, and it creates a cartoon image similar to the posters to show the user the appearance of the avatar, and the composition of the image through many different shapes and themes.

The origins of the Bitmoji app

Download Bitmoji program for Android The Bitmoji app developed by the Canadian company Bitstrips, which was founded in 2008 in partnership with four developers, “Jacob Blackstock, Jesse Brown, David Kennedy, Shahan Pant, Dorian Baldwin.”

Initially, it launched a web program on behalf of the company,, which is a technical program used to create animated clips using user-generated characters, but within specific frameworks.

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Download Bitmoji program for iPhone in 2009, the company launched services intended for schools only, and was used to teach children different languages, as well as in story writing, and in 2012 the company added a special version of the service to Facebook.


Bitstrips reached 10 million users on Facebook in 2013, with an innovative graphics of 50 million.

In 2013 Bitstrips launched its smart app, reaching 40 countries during the first year and innovating by way of 30 million animated pictures, and in the following year added the advantages of the ability to create different images with different characters and within many templates.

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The company continued its work in developing the site and similar applications, including Bitmoji, for eight years, until it was acquired by Snapchat, the developer of the application, “Snapchat” in 2016.

After the acquisition, Snap Company suspended the service Bitstrips from its website, which was considered one of the few general technical services for users, but it continued to support the Bitmoji Emoji Snap app.

Snape characters program

Snapchat updated its app to integrate with Bitmoji app for a joint account for both apps, and Snapcored introduced the 3D avatar feature in 2017.

Bitmoji Features:

  • The possibility of creating a satirical cartoon image through the application using the photo only.
  • Choose between a large library of different posters, to implement a similar pottage.
  • Allow to place the cartoon image as a personal image or include it in a text message or chat via any of the different applications.
  • Moji House includes five different poster modes, which are “mod” between sad, happy and surprising, and so on. Each of the five modes includes many drawings inside the same mod.
  • Bitmoji application integrates with the previous Bitstrips program, where the user can log in to the application with the Facebook account that he registered with on the site, to show all the uses that he made before to innovate from where he stopped.
  • The bet Moji app allows you to send all creative cartoon stickers or images to friends in various formats to give them a smile.
  • The application provides sending different pictures to friends through all the famous instant messaging applications, the most important of which are Facebook Messenger and the WhatsApp application.
  • The ability to download your personal photo Bitmoji emoji.
  • A disadvantage of the original Bitmoji application
  • Not allowing users to edit texts inside templates.
  • The user should not be able to search for existing templates using expressive words.
  • The app’s user could not choose the clothing or format for the photo, which was available for the discontinued service across the web.
  • The user is not allowed to upload pictures to the “Time Line” friends’ profile on Facebook.
  • Bitmoji does not provide various options to change the body shape of the depicted figure or her haircut, for example, so it appears as another person, as well as with skin colors.
  • Bitmoji app does not recognize elderly or obese people, everyone is young and with harmonious bodies.

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Developer: Bitstrips

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