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Thanks to technology, geographical distance has become a minor obstacle compared to before, because there are video calls that allow many people to come together to discuss a common agenda without everyone having to be together in the same place.

However, this process is often unstable and is usually performed from personal chat applications, such as WhatsApp, but for a more serious discussion from companies and educational institutions, it may not be ideal.

Therefore, Zoom app’s suggestion is very interesting, it provides an exclusive meeting space through video calls.

The app has a more serious interface, which explains its primary purpose, but is it able to comply with what it suggests? Find out what you can expect when you download Zoom Android app.

How does Zoom work?

On first installation, the app provides a set of images that clearly and objectively illustrate the main functions a user can expect to find in Zoom.

Overall, this visual platform environment was created to bring people together and allow them to have a specific space to discuss their agendas, whether through text, voice, or video messages.

When logged in, the user is quickly and dynamically moved to a new screen, where the user is guided through menus with a simple and attractive design that prompts you to explore the application’s functionality.

Anyone who uses Zoom services can create a new meeting room to discuss with their team or join an already set up room, you only need to have a code provided by the app.

Additionally, one of the most relevant functions is to schedule a meeting in the app itself.

Simply go to the ‘Schedule’ menu and fill in all the required data, such as the date of the meeting, the length of the conversation, etc.

Zoom also provides a password to be distributed to members who will participate in the meeting, it is a necessary strategy so that there is no inconvenience that can delay planning.

Other Zoom features

  • With an impeccable interface in terms of organization, Zoom surprised us, it perfectly shows that it is able to present what it proposes, as the serious and most professional environment for its members to discuss topics that do not fit with traditional social networks, such as WhatsApp.
  • We recommend Zoom in case you need to talk to your partners and want an exclusive environment for that.
  • Once our Zoom apk account is created, we can attend meetings from almost any device (be it a computer, tablet, or smartphone). In this way, this application is synchronized with our calendar.
  • Start meetings from your Gmail, Outlook, or iCal calendars.
  • Support secure meetings thanks to the stable encryption from the platform.
  • Switch from private between users to conference calls.
  • When making a video call, users can use the front or back camera, activate or mute the microphone and manage other basic adjustments to make the meeting go as smoothly as possible, you will also see the name of the person you are calling and even record everything that happens.
  • Communicate with phone contacts or email accounts.
  • Share photos to Google Drive or Dropbox networks.

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