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Microsoft Outlook

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Download Microsoft Outlook = For Android

Among the various tools included in Microsoft Office, unlike Word, PowerPoint, or Excel, we need to refer to the Outlook email client. The latter, in addition to its version for Windows PC and Mac, has also been published on Android and iPhone, and this is exactly the mobile version of the app that we can consider as one of the best email software for smartphones and tablets.

Best email client for Android

Thanks to a very practical and functional design, Microsoft Outlook allows us to link all email accounts, calendars, and files in one place, providing us with a more efficient and less organized inbox to help us better organize ourselves.

This program is concerned with keeping important messages at the top of the interface so that we do not forget any of them, and link them to our calendar when needed to schedule meetings or include them in any outstanding task.

The most advanced and efficient email client

Another feature of this Outlook for Android can be found in its compatibility, as it not only adheres to Microsoft’s email services, but also allows other email accounts like Yahoo or Gmail.

Main features of Outlook for Android

This email client offers us the following features and benefits:

  • A more convenient way to organize your inbox, put all the most important messages first and support gestures
  • To schedule, delete, or send emails at high speed.
  • Advanced filters to troubleshoot incoming messages and perform more accurate searches.
  • Built-in calendar in the program to quickly plan your agenda and schedule reminders.
  • Share your meeting and appointment times with other people.
  • You can view and attach files from Inbox, device, Dropbox, and other places without having to download them to your phone.
  • Do you work with other applications such as Microsoft Excel or Word? Outlook allows you to open attachments with other programs that belong to the Office package and then attach them to an email message again.
  • Create automatic responses to emails when you are away and unable to pay attention to all messages.

App Info

Name: Microsoft Outlook
Version: 4.2218.1
Size: 84.08 MB
Views: 0
Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: SocialNetworkingApplication
Developer: Microsoft Corporation

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