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Download Snap Plus 2021 for Android with a direct link for free, raising the slogan “Life is more fun when you live in the moment.” Snap Inc launched the second-ranked social app on Google play, “Snap Plus”, the app with 500 million downloads on the play store!

New in Snap Plus 2019:

Snap Plus differs from Snapchat in two things:

  • Videos on your device can be saved on your device.
  • The ability to upload videos from your device to Snap Plus.
  • Application Tour:

Snapchat is primarily a social app, taking pictures and videos using stickers, effects, and filters. Better picture controls lighting and flash, then share it with your friends.

Add friends:

  • Use their Snapchat codes.
  • Add them using your contacts.
  • Search for them using the search tool.


You can send text or voice messages, or make voice or video calls through the application with one or several friends.

Messages are deleted automatically, but you can save them by clicking on save or by taking a screenshot.

You can also download Snap Plus for iPhone with a direct link from the latest version of the iPhone App Download section

Snap map:

Download the pink Snap Plus app, the application allows you to know the events and events near you after allowing him to access your location, work on your site, Snap, and it will appear on the map, and you can also see the snaps of those close to your location on the map. Choose who you want to see your friends from, or make them your own.

Snapchat codes:

Download the Snap Plus program without the bunny, invite whoever you want to your Snapchat account with ease, all you have to do is publish the image of the code for your account, and Snapchat will delete the image code from their device, so they will promptly inform you. You can also create snap codes for your website or any other website for easy access by your friends.

Snap Code bears your own character after you place your personal photo on it or any image you choose. In the event that the number of times the code is scanned by Snapchat users 100 times, the site writes statistics about this code. You can also modify the code at any time.

Date of Birth:

Download the program Snap Plus 2020, you can modify your name and username at any moment with ease, while the date of birth allows you to change it limited times.

Snapchat celebrates the way of your birthday; put emoji in the shape of a birthday on the side of your name, and allow your friends to send greetings and other surprises. All this without showing your age to users.

The app also allows you to:

  • Take a picture of the screen, which is different on Snapchat, after capturing the image appears at the top of the screen, click on it and modify it through the application however you like and republish it again.
  • Control who sees your Snap, friends only, or a group of friends that you or your general public define.
  • Create your own Bitmoji with the Bitmoji app and share it with your friends on Snapchat.
  • Watch friends ’stories with the ability to speed up videos forward.
  • Sbap Chat saves all the Snapchat you have made so that you can easily refer to it whenever you like.
  • By combining Shazam with Snapchat, you have the ability to know the name of any song through a music clip from it through Snapchat.
  • You can choose “Traveler Mode” to reduce the usage of the data package by Snapchat, so it downloads less content such as Snapchat and stories only.
  • Download the Snap Plus app for Android for free


Downloading the snap plus program for Android, just like any other social application, you must consider preserving your privacy and personal information, and although the application does not support the feature of saving the images displayed inside it, it must be warned that other users can capture your different messages from how to take a screenshot ( screenshot) or using the camera, so for other reasons such as digital purchase, user interaction, etc., the app was rated + 12, so parents had to follow their kids while using those apps.

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