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Facebook Lite

Download the Facebook Lite program, the latest version of 2020. The Facebook Lite application is a good alternative to the basic Facebook application on Android devices, and it can be installed in conjunction with the basic application on the same device, not only this h, but you can also access your personal account through the two applications at the same time.

Features of Facebook Lite 2021 download

We present in your hands today through this article Download the new Facebook Lite program for free Facebook Lite application is small in size, as it does not exceed 2 MB before installing it and its small size This makes it one of the best programs and ways to access the personal account on Facebook, does not occupy a part Significant amount of RAM when running, unlike other browsers and applications such as Google Chrome, Firefox, or the primary browser that is installed on the phone normally.

It does not consume a lot of Internet data, and this is very useful when using a SIM card to connect to the Internet. So do not consume your internet package quickly, and thus save a lot of money, and bring more comfort to yourself. Facebook Lite is completely safe, and you should not be afraid of stealing your personal data or account on Facebook.

More advantages of downloading Facebook Lite Messenger 2020

There is a difference between downloading the Facebook Lite 2021 program and downloading the latest version of Facebook Lite 2020, urging that through the new version of Facebook Lite 2021 you can do most of the operations you do on the main Facebook application by posting photos and videos, watching the latest news, saving photos and watching videos Stories, comment on posts, interact with them, interact with comments, and more. But a lot is still looking for an old Facebook Lite download. You can also add more than one account to the application and you can switch between accounts easily and without problems.

You can download the Facebook Lite program for mobile because any smartphone even if it is weak opens the Facebook Lite application very quickly, it does not need a very fast internet, as Facebook can be browsed using the Facebook Lite application through the second generation Internet without delay in downloading for the pictures And scripts.

After downloading Facebook Lite, you will find that there are a lot of settings that you can adjust as you like on Facebook Lite, to suit your taste. You can also view and reply to messages from the app itself, or you can download the Messenger Lite app for wider options and more speed. If you want to download Facebook Lite for iPhone, you can go to the section for downloading iPhone applications for free.

Facebook Lite disadvantages

It does not provide you with extensive control of your Facebook account, for example, you cannot delete your account permanently from the application normally, and the application does not show friendship requests that you have sent unless you open the page of the person to whom you sent the friendship request.

The videos you are watching do not appear in the stories, while the images appear somewhat well.
It does not display images in high resolution, and it also saves them in low resolution in your phone when you save.
The videos you watch cannot be saved, so you can view them later without the Internet.
On some accounts, you can only comment on comments I like.

Differences between the main Facebook application and the Facebook Lite application

Download Facebook Lite for free, the latest version 2021 for Android, with a direct link, very small size

  • Facebook Lite application works on the second generation network much more efficiently than the basic Facebook, which may work slowly or may not work at all.
  • The amount of RAM the Facebook Lite consumes is not comparable to that of the main Facebook application.
  • You can send messages without exiting the application in Facebook Lite, while you cannot do so in the main application.
  • The basic application gives you more options.
  • The basic Facebook app is much more beautiful than Facebook Lite.

Why download Facebook Lite?

Facebook Lite was primarily developed to provide fast access to a Facebook account in the event of a slow internet connection.
Many users own the two applications on their primary Facebook Lite and Facebook devices, where they use Facebook Lite in the event that they do not have a fast internet connection such as a 3G or 4G connection or a fast Wi-Fi network, and they use the basic application in case they have a fast connection.
It is worth noting that this application is available for most types of smartphones.

App Info

Name: Facebook Lite
Version: 307.
Size: 1.7MB
Package: com.facebook.lite
Views: 7
Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: CommunicationApplication
Developer: Facebook

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