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Download TikTok lite apk 2021 program, TikTok application is the global video community, enables the user to watch wonderful short videos that others share, and the application allows him to create his own videos, by capturing the most memorable moments of his life and converting them into a video that can Share it with the whole world, using virtual stickers and different effects, all in a few seconds, by creating an account on the app.

Benefits of the TikTok lite 2021 app

  • Tik Tok is free software that does not need any fees, and it is designed with a user-friendly design.
  • The app is a huge music library with lots of options for users.
  • Videos of no more than 75 seconds can be recorded and shared with friends and family and with millions of users, and also shared on various social media sites.
  • You can choose from hundreds of thousands of songs and use a set of tools to personalize the video, from virtual stickers to camera speed controls.
  • With TikTok, creators can showcase their incredible talents, precious moments, and vast knowledge.
  • The app is a leisure and entertainment medium drawn from the global content creator community.
  • User can add their favorite music and sound to their video clip for free.
  • The app provides the user with the ability to use emoji stickers and face filters
  • The application provides tools that make the user able to easily cut videos, merge, and repeat them.
  • TikTok live streaming filters are updated with new and innovative designs
  • TikTok uses artificial intelligence technology to recognize faces.

Get an account on the TikTok app

There are a number of ways to register in the TikTok app using a phone number or email, or using an account on any of the following social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter).

In the event that you choose the method of registration by phone number or e-mail, you should confirm the country code and write the number correctly, after which a suitable password or secret code is chosen.

During login, the user is confirmed to be a real person and not a robot, and for this you can press (I am not a robot), then some images appear, and he is asked to select the images that the test indicates, and after skipping you can get the account and start using the application.

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The main page of the application: The videos that were made using the TikTok application appear on it, so some videos are filtered for the user to follow, other lists can be displayed on the main page of the sections and people you are already following, and the page is divided into two lists.

For you: Here the candidate’s videos are displayed to the individual, who can, through the video’s liking, or the follow-up of one of the video makers, and through this list the user can share the application on his account in various social media sites such as Instagram, WhatsApp or Facebook and Twitter.

What you follow: In this list the content and people you are already following are displayed, and the user can by synchronizing contacts in order to find the friends he knows and they are using the application as well, to facilitate communication with them through the Tik Tok app for Android and follow them.

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Search engine: a unique tool in the app that you can use to access the videos you want.

Adding and making video clips: The most important tool in the TikTok app for Android is for recording and making various videos and can be used easily. There are a lot of tools that help in designing the video.

Notifications: The user receives notifications when some of the people you follow add a new video, or one of his follower’s comments on a private clip.

Personal page: The user can add information about himself, change his status and personal image, and add his accounts on social networking sites so that others can follow him on other sites, which is what celebrities do.

How to make a video using the TikTok app for Android

Initially, you should click on the icon for making videos, make a selection for the sound that the user wants to add to his video by clicking on the icon, select the sound that appears at the top of the screen.

Then the options available for obtaining the audio clips will appear and they are many and varied, and the user can listen to the clip he wants so that you can choose.

After selecting the audio track, the user must click on the photography using this sound to move to the next step.

After clicking on the imaging using the sound, it loads within seconds, and here the user can control some of his options before starting recording, and he can choose between applying the audio track as it is or make it faster or slower.

The user must long press on the video recording icon, so the audio clip will be played during the shooting, and here we must make sure that the icon is left only when finished so that the photography is not cut.

Once the recording is finished the video clip will be displayed, and the user can start using the available options to modify it as he wants, the part of the clip can be cropped using the scissors icon.

When recording, the user can also use his voice, and make a merge between the original sound and the audio clip that you added to the video, and can also change the filters and different image effects, there are also many stickers that can be added during filming.

During the video recording, there are some tools that can be used that appear in a bar along the side of the shooting page, the most prominent

The possibility of using a timer to stop filming after a certain time, you set the recording for several seconds, and then it stops automatically.

After completing the work of the video, a title for the video can be selected, and a hashtag can also be added, after which the user can click on publish until it is shared on the application.

How to download a video from TikTok lite

Initially, the TikTok application is launched on the phone and clicking on the account icon in the lower right corner of the main window of the application, there are all videos that the user posted on the TikTok application on his profile page, and so he can choose the video he wants to download and press it will start the video automatically.

You can click on the Share icon in the lower-left of the screen and continue to select the download option from the window. The download will start and the video will be saved to the camera file on the phone.

In the TikTok program sharing list, there is an email option that allows the user to send a video of himself or to a friend via e-mail, as once the video is selected and then click on the share icon, selecting the e-mail option from the list and inserting the email addresses in the sections “To” And “from”, and if the user sends the video to himself, he enters his email address in both sections.

App Info

Name: TikTok lite
Version: 3.8.1
Size: 33.21MB
Views: 9
Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: SocialNetworkingApplication
Developer: douyin

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