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Download Facebook Messenger = For PC 2024

Download the Messenger program for the Arabic computer for free 2020, Messenger is a simple application that you can chat with your friends, and you can use it on the desktop without access to, it is a simple chat application and is available for Windows systems, you can download the Messenger program for the computer Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows XP, … and others.

facebook messenger download for pc windows 10

Whereas, the new Facebook Messenger 2021 program supports most of the different operating systems including Mac OS and Linux. It is the new version launched by Facebook after downloading Messenger for PC 2020.

Desktop and laptop users can access their Facebook messages without using the Facebook app or accessing the Facebook website.

There are a lot of great features in Messenger, and the lack of a Facebook account to use Messenger does not mean that these privileges are not available for individuals who have not logged in to Facebook or closed their accounts, but they can.

Introducing the Messenger app for computer

Downloading the Facebook Messenger 2021 app allows you to use the Facebook messaging feature without having to launch the browser, and the app makes communicating with Facebook contacts quick and simple, as your contacts are displayed in a list, and all you have to do is click on any of them to start a conversation, The app also sends notifications to your device when you receive a message from one of your contacts.

You can bring your conversations to life by using stickers and sending photos privately, and if you use Wi-Fi calling features from Messenger, you can use the app or its website to make free phone calls over the internet

With Messenger, you can know when people are seeing your messages, knowing who is using Messenger and who is active on Facebook, you can turn off notifications when you work, bedtime, or when you need to take a break. Add to these multiple features your ability to save different messages. Or archive it, and delete messages you don’t want to keep.

Support for voice calls

Downloading Facebook Messenger also allows you to make voice calls, if two people use the mobile version of the program and are connected to the internet, they can talk as they do on the phone, it is worth noting that there is also an option to talk with the video preview.

Advantages of downloading Messenger application for computer

  • Download the Messenger program for the computer the latest version with a direct link.
  • The appearance of the program is the same as the 2021 messenger tab on the social media site, it differs only in private conversations that take place on separate cards.
  • Access all of your messages without having to open Facebook.
  • Send text, photos, and videos, Messenger is an application to send individual and group text messages, but it can also send pictures and videos, and Messenger also includes a lot of emoticons, stickers, and GIFs that you can search to find exactly what you want.
  • Another useful feature in Messenger is the write pointer that allows you to know that someone is now writing a message, and notifies you that they have received and seen your messages.
  • Another great thing about Messenger is the ability to share photos and videos through the app.
  • You can delete or archive any messages as you like.
  • The program is free as you can download Facebook messenger for the computer for free without losing money.
  • Make voice or video calls, as Messenger also supports voice and video calls, you will find that the phone code is for voice calls, while the camera icon makes video calls.
  • Messenger also works as a simple way to send money from one person to another using your debit card information.
  • The app is provided with additional tools to find friends by entering related keywords. In addition, we find a useful notification system and friend invitations window.
  • In order not to constantly expose ourselves to new ringing signals, we can mute the selected conversation, specifying the period after which it will automatically return to the initial settings.
  • Download Facebook Messenger for PC Messenger allows you to play games inside the app, even while you are in a group chat.
  • Audio clips can be sent through Messenger if you want to send an audio message without having to make a full voice call.
  • In Settings: The app allows you to configure many settings, such as notification sounds and visibility.
  • Facebook messenger for pc free download latest version.
  • In recent releases, the messenger program allows you to connect without having to start the Facebook page.
  • In addition to the ability to have private conversations, the program allows you to view the latest updates of the status of your friends and receive notifications, calls are made on separate tabs, and the appearance of the contact list is the same as the reporter on the site.

Download the Messenger app for computer

After downloading the Facebook Messenger program for the computer for free with a direct link, you will find that the Facebook Messenger application enables you to chat with your Facebook friends using a dedicated mobile application separate from the main Facebook application, the application enables you to have group conversations, in addition to your ability to send texts, photos, videos and voice messages, You can also play games, share your location, and even send and request money.

You can share photos and videos with your friends, and use the application to make voice and video calls over the Internet to contact your family and friends traveling far away from you so that you do not have to pay more money to make costly phone calls, now you can download the free Messenger app by pressing the icon Next download.

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