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Download Viber = For PC 2024

Download Viber 2021 program for a computer for Android Arabic for free Viber program is an integrated communication platform to provide instant text and voice messaging service, enables users to make VoIP communications for SmartPhones smartphones, and later to library computers of all kinds, Windows 7, Windows 8, etc.

Download the Viber program for the computer with a direct link Viber program has recently spread strongly among smartphone users, as the holders of these phones use it to communicate between friends and family for free instead of phone calls or text messages, as the Viber program provides a huge service and is free communication whether it is Phonetically like normal calling or quick messages like texting.

Explain how to gradually install the program so that you do not encounter problems

The first step: here it will ask you whether you have Viber on your mobile or not:

The second step: If you do not have a Viber program on your mobile, press No to show you a page that contains the types of phones to choose the type of your phone

After clicking on the phone, it will take you to the browser page to download the Viber program to your mobile.

Step Three: If your phone already contains viber 2020, click Yes and then type your mobile number:

After entering the mobile number the call will be made and then you will be entered into the program control panel! If the program returns you to the previous step and did not complete the call, this means that you entered an incorrect phone number or that it is not connected to Viber!

Download Viber

Download the Viber computer program for free, in full, direct Arabic. Viber application users can exchange photos, videos, and audio media messages, and make direct voice communications for free. Viber software is available for Mac OS, Android, BlackBerry OS, Symbian, Bada, Windows Mobile, and Microsoft Windows operating systems. Mac OS, Android, BlackBerry OS, iOS, Series 40, Symbian, Bada, Windows Phone, and Microsoft Windows

Download Viber 2021 The Viber user interface contains a tab bar at the bottom allowing access to recent messages and calls, dialing, the keyboard, as well as buttons to access more options.

Download the Viber program to the computer when installing. The Viber app creates a user account with one phone number as used. Viber syncs with the address book or contact list on the phone, so the user does not need to add contacts in a separate location. As all users are registered with their phone number, Viber app requests all users from online contacts.

Some of the features of Viber

  • Viber works on 3G / 4G networks and Wi-Fi.
  • It provides you with HD quality calls for free and for free.
  • It also provides video calls.
  • Supports text messaging, pictures, and message stickers.
  • Supports group chats.
  • Full synchronization between mobile phones and computers.
  • Transfer ongoing calls between devices.
  • Download Viber computer program for free with a direct link
  • It does not require any registration, writing of passwords, or invitations from friends who use it.
  • It does not withdraw any additional fees or charges for the service.

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