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So who among us does not know the famous messaging program, WhatsApp !!! Surely everyone knows him. In this article, we will highlight its advantages and we will list some information about it and some defects that could lead to a decline in its future use in favor of some other messaging programs such as Telegram and others.

WhatsApp in the world

WhatsApp program is considered one of the most used messaging and social networking programs in the world, especially after it became affiliated with the giant Facebook company. It is estimated that the number of messages sent every day in the WhatsApp program is in billions, and this number increases a lot on international holidays and events, as it may reach tens of billions.

Devices that WhatsApp is running on

WhatsApp Computer 2021 program works on different operating systems, whether on smartphone systems such as Android and others or on computer systems such as Windows and others. The number of WhatsApp users on computer operating systems was not large, but this number undoubtedly has increased significantly in the past few years.

Whatsapp program features for computer and mobile

  • WhatsApp 2021 is one of the easiest programs to use, as even children under the age of eight can easily use it if they get used to it for a few days.
  • Asap provides for the price of text messages that you send through, as you only need an Internet connection to send text messages and make calls.
  • It does not consume and store a lot of data while making calls or sending text messages and pictures, but it may consume data like all other messaging apps when sending videos.
  • It provides you with the ability to contact in many ways, anytime and as many times as you want. Among these methods are text messages, voice calls, and video calls, as it provides you with the ability to send audio clips quickly, and also you can record from within it without the need to leave and record and then return to send the clip.
  • Capable of sending videos quickly.
  • WhatsApp calls have clear sound and good picture quality if you have a good internet connection.
  • Messages, pictures and calls that you send or make with any party in the WhatsApp program are fully encrypted, as no one can know what you are sending even the WhatsApp company itself.
  • You can enable WhatsApp to block annoying numbers easily and with a click or two, depending on how you access the number.
  • You can create and add groups to your liking, as these groups report that the group more than two people in the same conversation. For example, one family can create a group of its own and publish its news to it so that all individuals can see what happens in their family, such as setting a date for marriage or the birth of one of them.
  • The WhatsApp program allows users to easily send documents by selecting them from a computer or smartphone, then pressing the send button. It also allows sending all other file types, but not specifically, meaning that it sends them as a file and not as a picture, video, or audio clip.
  • WhatsApp allows you to set a status for others to see.
  • Totally free program and stop.

Statuses for WhatsApp 2020

The feature of setting stories or cases has spread in recent months a lot on different social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, and WhatsApp, and although it was not successful in the WhatsApp program, in particular, many users liked it and followed it on a daily basis or even perhaps in an hourly way.

The Cases window in the program allows you to upload an image, write words, or upload a video of no more than 30 seconds for users who own your number to see it, or users that you specifically define if you do not want someone to see what you are uploading, and you can also see what it places Others as their condition. It is worth noting that you can easily know who has seen your condition, and you can also choose the case that is not important to you so that the program displays it at the bottom in subsequent times. Users can also upload more than one case at the same time even if the cases are of different types.

Disadvantages of WhatsApp program

  • In older versions of it, it didn’t give and give users the ability to delete messages after they were sent, but is currently made it fairly acceptable.
  • You cannot modify the messages you send. If you make a mistake in writing a message and notice after sending it that the recipient will not understand it, then you will have to send another message. Yes, of course, this is not a big problem, but it is annoying to many, especially those who are quick to write.
  • You cannot use the WhatsApp program on a computer except by synchronizing it with the application on the mobile, meaning that you will have to use one number on your computer and phone at the same time.
  • The method of synchronizing barcodes between the computer and the smartphone is considered confusing and difficult by some users, and this is why they only use the program via a smartphone. The company may provide another way to sync them in the future.
  • It is not considered a program that gives up very quickly in receiving messages, as is the Telegram program.
  • The number of people you can add to a group is limited and this is very annoying for users, which is one of the main reasons why some people go to a Telegram program instead.
  • You cannot create channels in it.
  • The size of the videos that you are allowed to send is very small compared to other messaging programs that compete with it.
  • It does not send pictures in original resolution by default.
  • The encoding of messages in and for quitting is not very strong as is the case with coding in Telegram.

So do I use it?

The answer is, of course, yes. Although there are some programs that outperform their features on WhatsApp, it surpasses them well in the number of users. That is, you have to bear in mind that when you leave WhatsApp and go to another more sophisticated program, you must abandon many relatives in the virtual world where most people, especially those without technology, only use the WhatsApp program as a means of social communication.

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