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Download ManyCam = For PC 2024

ManyCam is a program that helps manage many simultaneous webcam images such as ICQ and Camfrog, the program also provides visual and sound effects, playlists support and the ability to create text on video with many features quite similar to CyberLink YouCam, with Download ManyCam, you will have a video Webcam is more unique.

Download Windows 10 laptop camera program

ManyCam download for pc windows 10 is a program that manages all webcam applications simultaneously on the user’s computer, whether PC or laptop, the program runs automatically when you start the chat application and perform the process of reproducing the camera signal, thus users can edit multiple video images, customize and install them easily At the same time.

ManyCam app downloads also include a tabbed toolbar with dedicated sections for video and audio, etc., allowing users to create effects and sources as well as adding playlists and text to videos, drawing on videos, and capturing screenshots.

Download camera software for computer 2020

The program offers many great sounds, beautiful visual effects and background effects like unique live fire (you can preview the effects before making any application).

The software has the ability to locate the source, and support accurate identification of camera specifications, users can also change the source device or browse for files to add and share to the voice chat participants on the other party.
Manycam Download has comprehensive support for your webcam, from adding funny effects in your webcam to being able to take pictures on so that your memories remain interesting. At the same time, you can record the entire conversation via a webcam to convert it into live snapshots, and when recording a video you can record or disable the sound through this feature, and in particular, you can edit photos and videos that were captured or recorded by adding notes or drawing funny pictures on her.

Manycam recent improvements

The new version of the camera adds many unique features such as:

  • Dubbing in the pictures and create effects and graphics for your web camera.
  • Like WebCamMax, Manycam combines virtual webcam from software to chat apps like Skype, ICQ, MSN, Camfrog, Yahoo, and PalTalk.
  • Adds many effects to face, eyes, and hair, adding backgrounds and effects.
  • Voice changer support via microphone, which creates funny vocal sounds.
  • In addition, this version also supports switching between video and audio sources.

ManyCam for business

Encourage companies with professional and simple yet professional videos, where you can create HD web conferences, improve the quality of video calls, and create an attractive live video with voice transmission, multiple videos, and screen sharing.

ManyCam for Education

After downloading the MiniCam program, you can provide an enjoyable learning experience to help students gain the best knowledge.

Improve the quality of your education by enjoying the flexibility of working at home, as each feature is carefully designed to achieve the best performance, and developers also improve the overall performance of ManyCam to maximize the user benefit.

Stream game

ManyCam camera software will assist you in streaming or recording games on PC and console, viewing web cameras on any background using Chroma Key and easily controlling game flow with ManyCam overlay.

Key features of downloading ManyCam

  • MiniCam 2021 is a free webcam program that allows you to optimize video chats and live broadcasts on multiple platforms simultaneously. With Download ManyCam you can create professional live shows on your favorite platforms, rotating screens, and add a variety of effects.
  • With the era of the Internet boom today, there are many chat programs launched to meet the needs of users, and download mini-cam has come to support users for more interesting and lively conversations thanks to the very funny pictures.
  • ManyCam runs automatically when you start the chat app and perform the camera signal reproduction.
  • You can use MSN Messenger, Yahoo, Skype, AIM, PalTalk, and Camfrog simultaneously, allowing you to draw textures on frames and create personal items.

Download camera software for computer for Windows 7

Manycam Download is one of the rare tools that allow you to customize the webcam according to your own way when chatting with friends, as the program provides many effects and filters, and supports the introduction of unique objects in the webcam, decorate the face, enter time, and enter text with a wide range of Lines, there are also many sound effects to make the conversation more interesting.

Notable features in Manycam 2021 for PC

  • Multi-channel broadcasting: Broadcasting simultaneously works on a wide variety of channels, use ManyCam to broadcast live on multiple platforms simultaneously.
  • Microphone sound effects: After downloading the Camera software for ManyCam laptop, change your voice and apply microphone effects to videos and broadcasts.
  • Lower Third: Highlight important information, add name and location, and comment on the broadcast.
  • Webcam Effect: Choose from many amazing effects or create new effects to add to your video.
  • Screencast: Live broadcast or return to a screen when teaching online.
  • Customize a watermark: In the mini-camera unlock program, you can attach different watermarks to broadcasts and video chat.
  • Phone version: With ManyCam Mobile, use the software anywhere, wherever you can stream live anywhere on all your favorite platforms, if you don’t have a webcam, use your iOS or Android device instead to stream live from the ManyCam desktop app.

ManyCam application update improvements

There are many improvements that developers have made to make the MiniCam program in the best image, and here are the most notable:

ManyCam 6.7.0

  • Improve the sound.
  • Fix the audio output process.
  • Support for hardware acceleration for compatibility with graphics cards.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.

ManyCam 6.6.0

  • Add an RTMP input source.
  • Additional language support: Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Korean.
  • Improved video smoothness.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.

ManyCam 6.5.1

  • Add a user guide to put an image in another.
  • Added a new way to convert effects into categories.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.

ManyCam 6.5.0

  • Added YUV color scheme support.
  • Improve frame rate quality.
  • Supports additional webcam offset sync feature.
  • Added the default video driver rename functionality.
  • Add QSV to decode IP cameras.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.

ManyCam 6.4.1

  • Fix setup delay error.
  • Fixed rearrange error.
  • Fix error not using effect.
  • Fix other errors.

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Op. System: Windows
applicationCategory: UtilitiesApplication
Developer: ManyCam LLC.

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