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Golden Share

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تحميل برنامج الناشر الذهبي = للكمبيوتر

The golden publisher, download the publishing program on Facebook, pages and groups for 2020. We offer you, members and visitors, to KoigiSoft, this wonderful program that many people are searching for, it is the publishing program on all your private pages and all groups subscribed to it at once and without any interference from you. For the first time the share posts golden publisher program is available to you. Publishing program on Facebook

It is strictly forbidden to use the program to publish songs, films, serials, women photos, and descending publications prohibited by the law of Islam. It is also forbidden to publish anything that violates the approach of the Sunnis and the community, and we are absolved of that. Use the program to benefit you in this world and the hereafter … etc.

Publishing program on Facebook 2020

Golden Publisher Features:

  • It does not need any add-ons to run it.
  • It publishes on all your managed pages.
  • It is published on all groups or groups subscribed to.
  • It is completely safe and your account is never blocked.
  • It saves you time in posting publications.
  • It can publish to an unlimited number of pages and groups.
  • The software is always updated to comply with Facebook’s policies.
  • You are notified immediately after updating the program.
  • The old version is disabled when a newer version is downloaded to avoid problems with your account.
  • Completely clean [check link]
  • Your account is not used to send automated objects without your knowledge.

Explain the golden publisher program

First, after opening the program, we will click on the login button shown in the image:

You will see a browser window populating your Facebook account login.

A message will appear after which says Allow the Golden Publisher application to use your pages and groups, click OK to allow.

  • In the status box we will write the status or post we would like to post.
  • In the Share On the box, the list of pages and subscribed groups will appear
  • Attention! Pages and groups will only appear by entering the menu you need and then pressing the Update button as shown in the image above.
  • Specify the list you want, whether it is groups or pages, by clicking on its name [pages, groups, likes] as it is highlighted in yellow in the image above.
  • After pressing groups, for example, press the refresh button that appears indicated by the arrow in the previous pictures.
  • We’ll show the list of groups, choose from what you want to post with, or click select all to post to all groups.
  • To post an image, click Add photo, then select the image to be published.
  • To post a link, put the link in the Link box.
  • To start publishing, click the green Click To Start button.

The program requires a FrameWork version

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