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Download Nimbuzz = For PC 2024

Downloading Nimbuzz 2021 program is from the Old Testament programs, and it is one of the first chat and instant messaging programs that have appeared and are still up to date with continuous updates and features with each new version.

Upon its appearance, the program constituted a breakthrough in the world of communication and instant messaging, and many and many are now unable to dispense with it. The program won the award for the best mobile program in 2011. The program is now acquired by New Call (Telecom), one of the international telecommunications companies.

The latest program Numbes for the computer

After the major updates to Nimbuzz program, which is available on computers in addition to the mobile version of it, which is compatible with all types of devices, you can now use more than one service available on the same program: Facebook, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Skype … We offer you through this article to download the program Nimbuzz new and wonderful version.

In addition to the ability to make free calls with other users or international calls at reduced prices via a credit, you buy from the site. What distinguishes the program is the collection of several important and necessary options and capabilities in one application, which we cannot find in similar applications.

Arabic nimbuzz program for computers with chat rooms

Nimbuzz has announced the launch of a new multifunctional platform for managing phone calls under the name Holaa, as this platform allows the user to search for the names of people using their phone numbers, and sends a notification to the registered user if the caller is classified as an intruder by other members of the Platform user network.

Hula, which we can consider as the new form of Nimbuzz, also allows its users to enrich contact lists by syncing accounts like Facebook and Google with contact lists, and also display the latest available images of added names, and the platform issues a notification when a user leaves their parent network, and alerts are issued when They want to block calls from unknown numbers.

The new Nmbz 2021 program supports many languages, and we provide you through this article with a link to download the Nimbuzz computer program Arabic.

Some of the benefits of the NMZ 2020

  • By downloading Nimps, you can log in to all chat services such as Yahoo, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Gmail … all at the same time.
  • You can take a backup copy of the address book and the numbers on the phones and make a backup of them to restore them at any time.
  • One of the good things about the program is that it keeps you from downloading and activating other programs. As we have said, it contains most of the communication programs and accounts that you may need.
  • The program is compatible with most mobile phones and even old ones, which is what we do not find in modern applications such as WhatsApp, and it also has a copy for your computer.
  • You can create a VoIP account with which you can call other mobile phones with good specifications and low prices.
  • Ease of the main interface and the ability to control the colors and the view, in addition to the ability to control your account through many available options (connected, busy …) along with other options and the ability to place an image in the profile.


  • You cannot delete or block a contact, and only you can delete Nimbuzz contacts.
  • Perhaps one of the drawbacks of the multiple copies that exist is that it makes a person lost in the process of searching for what suits his device, but this does make the program compatible with all types found.

To date, the Nimbus occupies its place in the communication programs, and with continuous updates and new services added to the program that maintains its position in front of the torrent of applications that top the lists periodically.

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