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Facebook is the largest social networking site, no one can imagine life without it, after it has become an integral part of living.

And it helps in a rapprochement between family and friends, exchanges congratulations on it with joys and condolences in sorrows, as well as a good way to spend leisure time, where individual games and collective recreational.

How to make a Facebook account on iPhone 2020

You can create a Facebook account on iPhone by following the following steps

  • Open the Facebook application on the iPhone, and in the absence of it, it is required to download them from the Apple App Store
  • Click on Sign Up for Facebook or Create New Account at the bottom of the screen.
  • Clicking the Get Started button, which is the blue button shown in the middle of the screen, and then entering the mobile phone number with the country code, or replacing it with the email address by clicking the Use your email address button, then clicking the Continue button.
  • Enter your first name and last name, and click the Go button.
  • Enter the Password, and click the Go button.
  • Enter the date of birth, and click the Continue button.
  • Specify the gender of a male or female in order to complete the account creation.
  • Verify email or mobile phone number, where Facebook will send the verification code to the email address or phone number.
  • Enter the verification code and click the Submit button, and a confirmation message will be received for the user that the Facebook account has been created.

How to open two Facebook accounts on iPhone

Many want to create more than one Facebook account, today iPhone users can create more than one Facebook account through one of two methods.

The first way

  • Download the Facebook application from
  • Search for Facebook, click on it, then wait for the second Facebook to be installed.
  • After completing installing the application, a new Facebook icon will appear, so there will be two apps that can open more than one Facebook account from them.

The second way

  • Open an account on the official Facebook application
  • Go to the Safari browser or any other browser and log into the Facebook site.
  • Then you can open any account other than the account on the official Facebook app.

Advantages of downloading the Facebook app for iPhone 2020

  • Downloading Facebook for iPhone gives you the ability to fully control the account on Facebook
  • After downloading Facebook’s iPhone program with a direct link, you will enjoy continuous communication with friends and websites and fully follow the news from a distance from the computer.
  • You can also, after downloading the Facebook program for iPhone 2020, share videos, photos and updates from anywhere
  • Live broadcast video for followers from friends and the public through the iPhone.

The latest developments that were added on Facebook for iPhone, the latest version

  • The ability to post three-dimensional images to Facebook through an iPhone
  • The application was available in Arabic after it was only available in English on the iPhone
  • It helps counter-espionage, by enabling its users to know if the application collects information about them or not.
  • The Facebook program for iPhone is completely safe, after downloading Facebook, you will find that it gives you the ability to protect privacy and disable the friends ’knowledge to track the user’s location.
  • Introducing the version of Facebook Lite app for iPhone users.

Facebook problems on iPhone

  • Draining the battery dramatically, the solution is to delete the Facebook application from the iPhone and re-download it again, and to empty the RAM.
  • Sudden logoff from Facebook, and recent versions of operating systems are always the cause.
  • Facebook notifications do not appear, and this can be overcome through settings in ios and then notifications. From here, you can control the operation or shutdown of alerts, and thus activate Facebook alerts and specify the alert style.

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