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Yolo is a unique application for iPhone devices, through the Yolo application, you can communicate with your followers on Snapchat by receiving questions and answering them without knowing the identity of the question owner. Yolo is a social media platform, but differently, you can link your YOLO account to your Snapchat account, receive questions from your followers, and answer them via Yolo messages. YOLO application is available for iPhone and iPad only and a version has been released for Android devices recently and the Windows system for the computer, but you can use it on the Windows computer via the Bluestacks emulator.

Connect your Yolo account to Snapchat

Yolo application works through your Snapchat account, after downloading Yolo application on your icon or IBag device, choose to log in via Snapchat. Do some of this by agreeing to link your account to YOLO via Snapchat, then open the Yolo app and choose to receive questions. You can now communicate with your followers, receive their questions on the YOLO app, and answer them.

Yolo Snapchat 2021 app is characterized by maintaining privacy as the identity of the senders of the questions is not disclosed. But the main goal of the application is to communicate positively and in the event that there are any annoying questions or violate the laws of the Yolo application, the owner of the question is banned and his account is suspended on the Yolo application.

You can download the Yolo app from the iPhone store, or get it through the application’s website. Also available on the site are copies of the Yolo application for Android devices and a copy of Windows for the computer.

App Info

Name: Yolo
Version: 1.3
Size: 29.6MB
Views: 10
Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: CommunicationApplication
Developer: onyolo

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