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Downloading the Tumblr app is a social blogging platform that allows users to perform blogging operations in the form of text, images or videos, or download links or sayings, and so that audio files can be also recorded, and in the Tumblr app you can follow what the rest of the users are doing, where each The updates that they make, just as Twitter works, subscribers can re-prefer updates to the Tumblr application, so the service of this application is marked by ease and flexibility, the Tumblr application works on all iPhone and iPad devices and on devices that run on the IOS system.

General information about Tumblr app

The Tumblr application is commercial and is a type of microblogging, it should be registered before using it, it works in 13 languages, including the Portuguese language, but until now the application was not available in Arabic despite the many updates that occurred to it, the founder of the application David Karp, and the official owner of the Tumblr application It is a Yahoo company, the first version of which was launched in 2007, and the headquarters of the application is in New York, the Tumblr application works on all iPad and iPhone devices and on smart devices running the IOS system.

Tumblr application features

  • Tumblr site provides direct social blogging service, using an iPhone, iPad or iOS devices.
  • The application features a distinctive and simple graphical interface that is easy to deal with and supports the English language, but it has not yet entered the Arabic language into the list of languages ​​that the application supports.
  • One of the advantages of the Tumblr app is the text feature, via this feature it can be edited using a text editor or via the HTML programming language.
  • One of the features of applying the ability to add images from a computer is by using the text feature, this feature that was not available before.
  • Quotation feature is one of the features of the Tumblr app, where the user enters text in the edit box and then writes the text source for the “text writer”.
  • One of the advantages of the Tumblr app is the link feature. In this feature, the user can enter text in a field and then enter the link in another field separate from the first field, thus allowing the application to show the link as a hyperlink.
  • Several features are contained in an application, including uploading audio files. Tumblr can use a quarter of MP3 files of up to 10MB in size and allows the file to be shared from another location, but the application requires that no more than one file be downloaded per day.
  • In addition to the feature of downloading audio files, the Tumblr app has the ability to pile videos from multiple sites such as YouTube or share them, and video files can be uploaded by logging in to the Vimeo website that shares with Tumblr in order to provide services to users for free.
  • Tumblr can be used in e-marketing of various products and services.

Download and install Tumblr app

  • The Tumblr app is downloaded through the Apple Store service if you are using an iPad or iPhone, and it can also be downloaded through the ITUNES app.
  • But it can also be downloaded by entering the following link, and this is the easiest and fastest way. When you click on the link, the installation file will start downloading directly.
  • Waiting for a number of minutes, the installation file will be ready, only by searching the list of downloaded files and clicking on it will start the installation, you must agree to the terms of the application and then continue by clicking on Install, after waiting for a few seconds the application will be in the list of applications installed on the iPad or iPhone or those devices Operating according to the IOS system.

The Tumblr app differs from the rest of the other applications because it is a mini social network through which many of the friends who are interested in blogging and sharing business can be identified, we have introduced the Tumblr app that works on iPhone and iPad devices.

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