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Instagram is one of the most popular cameras and photo apps, which turned into a very large social network and network, during which pictures taken with others are shared, which was later used for economic purposes and for profit from the Internet, the Instagram application is completely free and does not require any membership fees or Sign up, and the app is also available for installation on Android, iOS, Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile systems.

Instagram features for iPhone

  • Children under the age of 13 are prohibited from using the Instagram app, it is mostly safe for minors, but there are some warnings, although the app prohibits uploading and sharing pornographic images, but there are loopholes that some outside people use to do this ugly thing.
  • The official website of the Instagram application provides comprehensive support in the form of comprehensive questions and answers explaining how to achieve protection, safety, and full privacy.
  • Among the privacy features offered by the application, is the ability to disable the “location”, so as not to share where the photos and videos are taken, you can also switch to a Private Account to keep your photos private or to make them visible only to a specific category of followers.
  • Instagram 2021 app is designed to work well with all major browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome.
  • 2021 Instagram app for iPhone includes a large collection of 40 photo and video filters, which works to lighten, smooth, and shade the media, and you can also convert images and videos of their colors to appear in black and white.
  • In addition to the photo-sharing options, there is also an option to send messages, and the site also provides the ability to group chat.
  • Instagram is the first to add stories feature that allows users to post pictures or videos for 24 hours and then disappear after that, the aim of those stories is to transfer quick moments to a large number of followers, and Facebook has imitated the same thing in its application.
  • Another great feature is “Direct messaging”, as Instagram allows you to share photos or videos directly with other users, whether you are a follower or not, you can now send photos and temporary videos to friends, after taking a picture or shooting a video, Click the arrow to send it privately, and these private photos and videos will disappear after your friends see them.
  • You can tag people in the photos you post, unlike Facebook, which only allows tag g for friends in photos, Instagram allows you to tag for anyone, and people who tag it can unlink themselves from the post.
  • Another feature is a recent addition in the app that specializes in polls when a user publishes his story, he can include a question of his choice, with viewers invited to vote either with “yes” or “no”, then votes are counted for each answer by the site.
  • Easily share photos and videos with other social media, you can make posts on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr with just a few clicks, you can also share others’ posts directly on Facebook or Twitter or copy the media link URL and post it on other social media sites.

Download Instagram app for iPhone 2021

With the Instagram app, you can take photos, videos, edit and share them in a jiffy, and the impressive and wide range of editing tools containing 40 photo and video filters will dazzle you if you have not yet downloaded and installed the app on your phone, the opportunity is now for you to do so, Just click on the following download icon to download the Instagram app for iPhone to your phone, and then install it to try that new community.

App Info

Name: Instagram
Version: 172.0
Size: 164.7MB
Views: 0
Op. System: Iphone
applicationCategory: CommunicationApplication
Developer: Burbn, Inc.

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