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Zoner Photo Studio

Download free photo editing program 2021 zoner photo studio: zoner photo studio is a program for editing and managing photos. This program is widely used in the Czech Republic, where its developer was founded, it is also used in all countries of the world and on a large scale.

History of zoner photo studio

This programme was originally known as “Zoner Media Explorer,” but it was renamed Zoner Photo Studio in 2004.

The company began dividing the programme into units such as a manager and a viewer in version 12, and this feature made it much easier to deal with images when using it, whether for editing or displaying them.

In each new release, new features and additions were added to the program with the aim of developing it and improving its use.

Features and information about the Zoner Photo Studio program

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  • The program is not limited to editing images, but also provides users with a lot of other options such as viewing, managing and downloading images.
  • In zoner photo studio there is a photo import unit with which you can copy or transfer photos from a camera, external memory card or any other storage medium.
  • There is a unit in the program for displaying information about the pictures. This unit displays the metadata of the image and any other information you want to know about the image, such as metadata, author information, keywords, voice notes, digital signatures, labels, and color labels.
  • Zoner Photo Studio works with image files directly on disk, so it does not import and re-export them later.
  • The image viewer in this program is fast, and it displays images in real size.
  • The program enables you to convert from raw format to standard bitmap formats.
  • Version 18 of Zoner Photo Studio

The program’s sections were reduced to three: the development department, the administration department, and the editing department, and the image display section was replaced by a separate programme in this version.

Disadvantage of  zoner photo studio

  • It does not support many languages.
  • It only works on the Windows operating system, and the 18th version of it only works on Windows Seven SP1 or later, meaning it does not work on Windows XP or Windows Vista .

Requirements of zonor photo studio

  • Windows system as mentioned above.
  • Intel or AMD processor with SSE2 support.
  • 2GB RAM. A minimum of 350 MB of free memory on the hard disk.
  • Net Frame Work 4.5.

App Info

Name: Zoner Photo Studio Classic
Version: 19.1909.2.204
Size: 366 MB
Views: 4
Op. System: Windows
applicationCategory: DesignApplication
Developer: Zoner

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