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Some say that there is no more powerful graphics editing program than Adobe Photoshop, and in fact, given the set of additional functions and panels that support working in the program, it really is definitely number one.

Photoshop is the most famous program for creating and editing images at all, and it is the best-selling product in its field. The first version of Photoshop was launched on January 1, 1988, nearly thirty years ago. The current stable version of the software is CC 17.0. The two brothers, Thomas Noll and John Nol, are the main developers of the program.

Some information about Adobe Photoshop 2020

The internationally famous Adobe company in developing design programs is one of the developments of the Photoshop program, the process of developing the Photoshop program is done using the C ++ language, the file extension of the program is PSD often. This extension is an abbreviation of “Photoshop document” in English.

With the PSD file, it is possible to store an image with a maximum size of 2 GB and a width and height of 30 thousand pixels. Photoshop also deals with files with a PSB extension for the acronym “Photoshop big”. This extension is distinguished from the PSD extension, which can store an image with a width and width of 300,000 pixels, and a maximum size of 4 exabytes.

Adobe Photoshop is applicable in both private and commercial spaces, as it is the primary tool for graphic designers, designers, polygraph devices, editors, social managers, and photographers.

Photoshop is a very wonderful program in the field of photo editing, creation of hairs and other fields, as it is not limited to use in the field of still images only, it works on several operating systems. These are Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS, and Windows Phone. The program supports storing images with a large number of extensions, including JPG and GIF.

Photoshop offers many tools for videographers, such as adding modifications and effects to them. Photoshop can be used in the field of outer space, where scientists take some measures to clarify scientific discoveries.

Photoshop is used for moving 2D images as well, for engineering and forensic medicine. It can be useful to make patients’ images clearer, engineering designs can be made more realistic by Photoshop. And you can Photoshop can create visual designs by merging images with each other, free Photoshop download for your computer.

Photoshop also features its ability to enter things into pictures or remove things from them professionally. It is impossible for someone to notice that the image is modified if the user is professional and the image is logical. The photos can be prepared in Photoshop to be used in 3D programs.

You can easily and professionally design websites using this program. Photoshop supports a large number of languages. Learning the basics of Photoshop does not require a long time. But the professionalism of using it should cost you some time.

There are many courses and courses on the Internet that teach you the basics of using the program in both Arabic and English. Also, there are courses that make you master Photoshop in a certain area, for example, the field of editing or creating animation.

Of course, this wonderful program enables you to design everything you want accurately and professionally if you are a professional to use it. With it, you can create and edit different types of images. You can also create logos and personal cards. Unparalleled mastery. The program enriches all other photo-editing software.

Note: You can improve the performance of Adobe Photoshop CC with new features by using third-party plug-ins.

Some benefits of downloading Photoshop

  • You can earn money through Photoshop, by designing pictures and logos for companies and people, whether by dealing in person in your country or by working remotely on some of the famous sites such as Fiverr.
  • Adobe Photoshop CC has a powerful Mercury graphics engine, thanks to which it can – among other things – adjust transparency, fill multiple layers simultaneously, seamlessly blend images, and apply panoramic images in a 360-degree range.
  • Photoshop helps architects with architectural drawings.
  • The program as mentioned above helps physicians, especially forensic doctors. As well as scientists.
  • Using Photoshop, illustrations can be designed for students in universities and schools, especially in the fields of anatomy, physics, chemistry, and biology.
  • The maps can be modified using Photoshop, which makes it useful in the field of geography.
  • The program allows you to remove lens distortions, chromatic aberrations or shading, as well as make other detailed corrections, and correct excess areas.
  • The editor contains a graphics processing plug-in saved in RAW, JPEG, TIFF, and PNG formats.

Photoshop disadvantages

The free version of Photoshop does not contain all the features, and the paid version of the program must be purchased for the ability to design and modify with high comfort and professionalism.
The size of the program is a little bit, but those features definitely deserve that size.

Photoshop 2021 features over older versions

  • The latest version of Photoshop allowed the ability to adjust vibration in the image.
  • Animation feature has been developed.
  • Several tools that were not present in previous versions have been added to help in editing photos with high professionalism and less time and effort.
  • Some of the existing tools have also been clearly improved.
  • You can currently create and edit images 360 degrees on Photoshop.
  • The program also allows you to select and hide complex parts of the image, and allows you to remove a color the background makes it easy to replace items.


So the program, as we saw, is very distinct from the rest of the photo editing programs. The developer is constantly developing and adding many features in the new releases. The program is not easy to use, but learning to use it has countless benefits, the most important of which is that it provides you with a livelihood, as many work in the field of design in Photoshop and provide excellent input. As the program is clearly worth learning and experimenting.

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