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ImageMagick can read and write images in many formats (more than 200 formats), including PNG, JPEG, JPEG-2000, GIF, TIFF, DPX, EXR, WebP, Postscript, PDF and SVG.

Computer image editing software

You can use ImageMagick to resize, rotate, distort, transform, adjust colors, apply various effects or draw text, lines, and curves on images.

The ImageMagick function is often used on the command line or using features from programs written in common languages.

Other features in ImageMagick

  • ImageMagick deployment creates a stable API and ABI interface.
  • Define pictures according to the format and feature.
  • Convert the original image to a new format and vice versa.
  • Create gradients and color schemes.

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Name: ImageMagick
Version: 7.1.0-36
Size: 37.83 MB
Views: 20
Op. System: Windows
Price: 0
applicationCategory: MultimediaApplication
Developer: ImageMagick Studio

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11 4.3

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