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Download Pixillion for the computer from the programs that have proven their worth in the field of converting image formats. You suffer because you do not have an image conversion program, as there are images that work on Windows systems, and at the same time they cannot be run on Mac systems, or vice versa, the solution is with the use of pixillion image editing software.

What does pixillion lets you?

Download Pixillion Image Converter. Pixillion is one of the programs that have proven to be unique in the world of image conversion. This program allows you to convert images between all image formats. Using pixillion you can convert from image formats from PNG to BMP and from JPEG to PNG and vice versa as well, and a lot more. Formats that can be converted using pixillion.

Download the format conversion program for the computer There is another use for the pixillion image format editing program. Pixillion offers you a very important advantage in the world of digital images. By using this program, you can change the size of all images, and it also helps you compress them in order to reduce their size to suit the tasks that you want.

Pixillion is a 100% free program, and pixillion company does not impose any restrictions on you that prevent you from using it, so all the tasks that you want to work with through the pixillion program are free and do not cost you anything, you just have to put the images that you want to convert their format and do what You want it.

How do I install 2021 pixillion program?

Downloading an image format conversion program in Arabic. The installation of pixillion program is not a complicated matter, as any program or application will not take you much time, and does not impose any restrictions or sums on you, and it does not need to download additional files from the Internet, so how do you get the pixillion program? How do you install it on the computer?

Download an image format conversion program

  • First you have to download Pixillion.
  • Then find the location of the installation file in the download menu of your browser.
  • The file continues with the name of Setup, then the usual way the installation continues, but it is preferable to install the program on the system disk c.
  • It is important that you reach the setup stage written in the NCH program with selecting the preferred option, press Continue, then press Finish.
  • After pressing the end button, this problem turns into an external appearance, so after running the auto-run program, you just don’t have to worry.

Working method on pixillion program

pixillion image converter free download full version

  • After the program runs, click on the “Add files” button.
  • A new Windows window will appear in front of you, through this window select the images you want, then press the Open button to confirm the selection.
  • Click the button to resize or reduce the image resolution.
  • Save the image in a new folder with all the modified images or as you want.
  • To confirm your selection, press OK.
  • Press the convert button, the conversion will start directly.

Advantage of pixillion

  • Pixillion is easy to install, so you won’t need much time to install it on your computer.
  • Pixillion is easy to use and doesn’t require much expertise.
  • All versions of pixillion are free and do not impose any restrictions or financial obligations on you to work on it.
  • The program has a graphical interface that is easy to handle and uncomplicated.
  • It does not contain annoying ads, so you can work on it comfortably without being disturbed by ads appearing here and there.
  • Pixillion converts images for you from all extensions to all extensions, and you can also compress the images you want and the size you want.

Download the image format conversion program for the computer.

So, pixillion is the best program for converting, compressing, and editing image formats.

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