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TweakPower is a computer system maintenance tool designed to adjust system performance, clean up multiple device areas, and create an automatic maintenance schedule.

The software’s cleaning kit is geared towards the registry, browser, and system, plus there are additional tools that modify most activities according to the user’s needs.

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TweakPower for PC comes with a set of tools that allow users to manage most computer components.

These tools directly handle cleaning activities toward registry entries, web browsers, system settings, and utilities, while the optimization tool handles startup and shutdown processes, making them reduce software wait timeless, which helps speed up system launch.

TweakPower begins with creating backups and creating restore points if accidentally removing critical components or affecting processes.

Besides, the app has the ability to set up maintenance schedules to clean and improve performance automatically.

App Info

Name: TweakPower
Version: 2.021
Size: 18.91 MB
Views: 1
Op. System: Windows
applicationCategory: DeveloperApplication
Developer: kurtzimmermann

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