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App: GPU-z

GPU-z Considering the number of graphics cards launched over the years, it seems almost unreasonable that the vast majority of companies that designed graphics processors have disappeared, and now ATI and NVIDIA are just two major and other corporations, such as Intel That only produces graphics processors that are integrated into the motherboard.

Best GPU-Z graphics card analysis software

Although all graphics cards using the graphics (GPU) produced by ATI or NVIDIA, your graphics card manufacturer does not have to be one company or another, because there are other small competing companies like Gigabyte and Zotac.

Find out even the smallest details about your graphics card after downloading the GPU-Z

Therefore, an app like GPU-Z is always advised to know all the components of our graphics card and the performance we can fully expect from it, you will only need to run the app and we will see a detailed report with the card name, processor type, manufacturer, BIOS version, card manufacturer..etc.

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