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2021 UsbFix is ​​a free and necessary tool for searching, removing and protecting USB storage media from viruses and other harmful applications. UsbFix cleans not only USB drives but also the most important areas of the operating system.

Program 2021 usbfix program for computer free full

When scanning and cleaning data media, the program creates a detailed report as a text file, we can read all the most important information about active processes and other services running in the background of the system, in addition, it shows the areas that have been repaired and cleaned on the media.

Tips before downloading the usbfix program to fix the flash and clean it from viruses for free

Note: Before enabling UsbFix 2020, you must disable security software (antivirus, firewalls) during scanning and cleaning, UsbFix will automatically turn off all active processes, programs and Windows Explorer !.

UsbFix scans the user’s computer for an infection (looks for active processes and applications running when the system starts up) and generates a report with information on this topic, another option is cleaning, which removes existing threats.

One of the important things after downloading the usbfix program with a direct link to the latest version of 2021 for computer for free

One of the important options in UsbFix is ​​the ability to secure removable media from future infections by creating a hidden autorun.inf directory on it and disabling the option to autoplay removable media in Windows.

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