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An overview of TeamViewer to connect devices in TeamViewer is one of the smart and wonderful solutions in information technology, which enables people to make communication between their computers in an easy way, by linking the computer with a number of other devices, which It facilitates the process of cooperation and information sharing, as the program enables devices to transfer files between them with ease, in addition to several other features that are presented in simplified points.

The importance of TeamViewer 2020

TeamViewer is one of the information sharing programs and is easy to use, through which you can provide quick support to any other device remotely, by sending your copy ID and password that you have chosen in advance, you can communicate with a device on it A copy of the program.


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TeamViewer is a great solution and a quick option for transferring different files between devices, and it also keeps you connected to your different devices regardless of their operating system.

How to use TeamViewer

Download TeamViewer latest version 2019 and then perform the installation process as it is known, and in case you want to connect your computer with other devices, then TeamViewer must be installed on other devices, and in case you are the host, the program will create a password that is done Share it.

The admin can also create a password that allows other devices to communicate with his device and transfer files to it, all you have to do to communicate with other devices is share your ID, this number you register at the first installation of the program, and you cannot change it after that.

TeamViewer for PC 2021 Features

  • If there is a group that wants to communicate, and everyone in the group installs the program on his computer, then controlling devices can be passed between all members of the group with ease, so that only one person can control the communication.
  • Full communication sessions can be recorded via the program via video.
  • TeamViewer gives you a number of great features such as the ability to transfer files between devices and some of them easily by pulling the file to be transferred and then leaving it on the other device, which facilitates the exchange of data between members of the continuous group at once without resorting to other specialized file sending programs.
  • Download TeamViewer 2021 can be installed not only on Windows of all versions, but you can also install and use it on Mac and Linux operating systems, and you can also install it on your phone.
  • The free version of TeamViewer is a suitable solution for those who want to use the program in communicating with friends or relatives or with other devices that they own but are far from them. The free version is also easy to use for anyone, but the matter differs in using the program for commercial purposes, as you must You pay for a custom copy.
  • TeamViewer supports person-to-person chat, and you can also use it for remote printing.

Cons of TeamViewer for PC

  • One of the very big drawbacks in TeamViewer is the privacy problem, as TeamViewer has programs through which it can perform monitoring operations so that it is not used for commercial purposes, and the reason for this is due to the program’s policy as you have to buy a special copy for commercial purposes, and of course in In this case, you find that your privacy is threatened and you are not safe from their programs.
  • The free version of the program cannot be used for your commercial purposes, as the free version is intended for communication between family or friends, or a person’s communication with his devices.
  • The matter is not finished with the commercial version, as you may not be using the free version in commercial lands, but the program suspects that and stops working.

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