Start Menu 8

Start Menu 8

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Start Menu 8 is a tool designed specifically for Windows 8, that provides an ideal solution for users familiar with Windows Start Menu and not familiar with the Metro screen in Windows 8.

Although the new interface for Windows 8 and Windows 10 is very modern, colorful and easy to use, not every user can cope with it and get used to it right away, sometimes they are annoyed when finding applications and folders and accessing Windows management tools.

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Start Menu 8 has provided a lot of help in such cases, as this smart tool provides several options that allow users to boot directly to the desktop without going through the Windows 8 user interface.

Convert program start in Windows 8 to Windows 7

The app has a simple design but incorporates many features, especially when users want to customize the “Start” button.

The automatic update feature helps you to get the latest version of Start Menu 8 quickly and easily.

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Name: Start Menu 8
Size: 11.67MB
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Op. System: Windows
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