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Download SPSS = For PC 2024

Downloading spss 26 program for free, full Arabic and letters SPSS is an abbreviation for the Statistical package for social sciences which means “the statistical package for social sciences”, as this program is used to count large and qualitative data in order to calculate many things such as correlation coefficients, dispersion measures and many other related things Statistical analyzes in one form or another.

This program is one of the most popular data analysis programs if not the most famous at all, as the importance of spss program emerged and one of the most prominent features of this program is that it suits both the novice and the owner of the experience. We also offer a full spss 24 download for free.

About SPSS 2021 program

The program was first produced in 1968 by David Muxworthy and Marjorie Barrett and of course, the program was not the way it is now, as IBM Electronics purchased it in 2009 and developed the program and added a lot of things to keep it up to date with the technological and statistical development of all other data analysis programs; As it added software algorithms and mathematical equations and also developed the user interface to make the program the way it is now.

We offer you to download spss for free in Arabic, which makes it easy to use this wonderful program

The program is designed specifically for research that contains digital data, especially social research, as it is usually used by researchers and graduate studies, but this does not mean that SPSS is only concerned with it. It contains all the statistical tests that you can use, and it can handle data in an excellent way.

Download features of spss 2020

  • We provide you with a free download of 25 spss program with a direct link and through SPSS can process a large amount of data; It enables the user – even the novice with no experience – to perform simple statistical calculations and validate investigative and predictive data.
  • It provides statistical models for use, and it also analyzes statistical data spss with high accuracy.
  • Download the program spss for the computer with a direct link that was specially designed in an easy and smooth way for the user without the need for a lot of knowledge and knowledge when using qualitative data.
  • The program is completely free, you can download spss statistical analysis programs for free and benefit from its great features.
  • And in terms of predictive data that helps in providing great support for decision-making, through statistical models that are generated through the data studied by the program, which ultimately allows to reach a level of confidence in these statistical models with an accuracy of 95%, so we can say that this program Ideal for research and data analysis, especially in social areas.
  • The statistical analysis program spss reads the data and then after processing it extracts the results, either in the form of statistical forms or reports.
  • Download the 2021 spss program on your computer, as the program is compatible with most of the popular programs you want.

Program disadvantages

  • Due to the huge number of possibilities offered by the program for data analysis and processing; It can cause this matter to be a barrier between the user and getting what he wants, especially if the differences between the possibilities that the program provides are not clear, which requires the user to allocate his full time to explore these possibilities one by one and see educational programs that help to that.
  • Another disadvantage of the SPSS program is the quality of the graphics it provides if we compare it with other similar programs for data processing and analysis, and if you want to get better quality graphics you will have to use other programs to make the presentation you need.

How to use spss 2020?

Explain the statistical analysis program spss In order to be able to use SPSS without problems you must have the following things:

  1. A version of the program provided it is compatible with your device.
  2. Learn the basics of the program and how to use it, either through internet explanations or by taking a course in statistical analysis by SPSS.
  3. Familiarity with the principles of statistics.
  4. The data that you need to process and extract statistical reports through it by the program.


Finally, it is worth noting that you pay attention to some things when using SPSS, the most important of which are:

Do not take results for granted as they may be inaccurate at times.
Make sure the data you enter into the program is correct.
The use of the program does not replace the practical application of statistical analysis.

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