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DreamCalc (Graphic Scientific Calculator)2021 A comprehensive scientific calculator with functions that are essential to every mathematician, physicist, chemist or computer scientist. DreamCalc (Graphic Scientific Calculator)

Download DreamCalc program for the computer for free with a direct link in the latest version 2020

DreamCalc 2021 provides a set of well-known model tools from scientific calculators, as well as a functional unit for drawing diagrams and calculating the value of polynomials.

Features of DreamCalc 2021 :

  • DreamCalc is easy to use and the interface is interesting – it’s like an actual calculator.
  • The program works in a similar way to most other advanced calculators.
  • An interesting fact is the built-in ability to change the look, there are many options to choose from which to use from the top bar menu.
  • In addition to entering accounts using a graphical keyboard and mouse, the program also supports the keyboard naturally.
  • For simple calculations, the intuitive use of numeric buttons is sufficient (as in the well-known calculator from Windows), but for more complex calculations the specific functions may be useful, which we choose more easily with the mouse and the appropriate buttons in the interface.
  • Regardless of which input method we choose, the app is very fast, and therefore easy to use.
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Name: DreamCalc
Size: 4.90MB
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Op. System: Windows
applicationCategory: EducationApplication
Developer: dreamcalc

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