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Download Open Bravo Arabic for free Openbravo 2019; Recently, many programs and applications have emerged that facilitate our calculations, especially complex ones that are difficult for us to calculate by regular methods or may take a long time that can be invested in something more important, and therefore most people resort to these programs to accomplish their accounts, one of the most famous of these programs is the Open program Bravo that is used by many people, and in this article, we will learn about the program with its many advantages and the systems that it works on.

About Open Bravo 2020

Downloading the Open Bravo program for the third year of high school, simply, this program facilitates the complex calculations for different agencies and institutions This includes stores, stores, small and even large companies, and any other agency specialized in sales and invoices, where the program aims first and foremost to regulate financial matters, this was the simple or general definition of the program; The scientific and accurate definition is a program for points of sale.

Initially, the program was issued in both English and French versions, and due to the program’s wide popularity and the need of the Arabs for it to facilitate accounts at stores and accountancy offices, the Arabic version was issued.

Openbravo Features

Download the Openbravo program Arabic version, as mentioned above, this program is for points of sale; Or in other words, it works to save both money and time in general for the recipients, but if you want, dear reader, to know the advantages of this program and when it is used in the field of selling, Open Bravo is used as follows:

  • If you have a warehouse full of goods you wish to inventory or if you wish to receive a shipment of goods and would like to write a report on this shipment it is your first choice.
  • Through this program, venture capitalists can calculate profit and loss margin without having to wait for the end of the fiscal year; Where you can through this program calculate the profit and loss on a weekly or monthly basis as desired.
  • Open Bravo can generate lots of invoices at once without having to bother using outdated software and traditional slow billing methods.
  • One of the most important features of Open Bravo is that it gives a comprehensive report to its owner about the quantity of products and is there a certain increase or decrease in a product, and which products prefer to sell them more in order to achieve a better profit, and therefore it helps the trader to follow his trade first and know the best options available.
  • Using the program is very easy as the barcode is scanned from the products so that the program reads it and stores all the product data, then prints the invoice to the customer.
  • The program can contact the rest of the programs (through a network loop) if there are other branches from the same store or institution, in order to determine the quantity of products and what is here and not there, in addition to the ease of the process of supplying products to the branches that lack them.
  • Open Bravo can be used in the feeder because of its many advantages; The program contains a special system for restaurants, which includes reservations and calculation of tables and vacant places, and of course, it is used to print customer invoices.
  • The program is characterized by that it does not require much experience or a high qualification to deal It needs some simple training, which explains its presence in many shops for ease of use and simplicity, and it is also possible through Open Bravo to put a specific limit on the purchase so that customers cannot buy more than a certain amount, but of course many people do not resort to this matter.

The systems that Open Bravo works

The program works on various operating systems and this includes:

  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista or later.
  • Mac OSX.
  • CentOS.
  • Suse.
  • Red Hat.
  • Linux.
  • Ubuntu / Debian.
    The program also requires Java 2 Platform Standard Edition 5.0 or later.

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