Old Classic Sticky Notes for Windows 10

Old Classic Sticky Notes for Windows

Windows 159 5 4.4

Old Classic Sticky Notes for Windows 10

2021 Old Classic Sticky Notes is a free applet for Windows 10 that allows you to attach “sticky” notes to your screen.

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Features of Old Classic Sticky Notes for Windows 10

  • The app was built in response to a recently built flagship system update, which changed the look of the classic app with cards.
  • From now on, it works as a voice assistant (Cortana), which is a universal app for Windows 10.
  • The program runs a little faster and lighter in terms of computer resources, as the functionality of the voice assistant has been canceled.
  • Using the program shouldn’t be a challenge to anyone, as adding the first note to the desktop triggers the application with the icon.
  • The sticky note created in this way can be moved freely around the desktop, as well as resizing with the mouse (not necessarily maintaining the original proportions).
  • We can choose its color from the context menu: Yellow, Pink, Green, Blue and White are available
  • To create a new card containing text, all you have to do is use the “+” symbol displayed in the header of the previous card.
  • The new note will automatically be matched to the previous location, but there’s nothing stopping them from navigating the desktop independently of one another.
  • It is worth noting that when you write a note, the links are recognized automatically, which makes it easier to use them later, just click to open the specified site automatically in your web browser.
  • Through Kuegy Soft, we offer you to download the Old Classic Sticky Notes for Windows 10 program for free, with a direct link download old classic sticky notes for windows 10

App Info

Name: Old Classic Sticky Notes for Windows
Size: 1.81MB
Views: 159
Op. System: Windows
Price: 0
applicationCategory: DesktopEnhancementApplication

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5 4.4

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