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2021 RedCrab is a free scientific calculator that contains basic functions, the program is made with a nice design, we have a standard toolbar with an option to print what we wrote, this makes RedCrab different from other calculators.

Features of RedCrab Calculator Free Download for PC

  • RedCrab 2021 has the ability not only to write numbers, but also to write text and letters from the Greek alphabet, which is often used in physics and mathematics to designate constants.
  • Basic math operations can be done in RedCrab without reading the instructions, because the interface is so clear and intuitive that we can do it without problems.
  • We can use comprehensive help options for more complex activities, such as using the programming board or using the specified integration.
  • Thanks to downloading the Redcarp program for writing and solving mathematical equations, we can prepare materials for a report or work, thanks to the possibility of using variables and writing in a very aesthetic way for all types of formulas.
  • Software that has the ability to convert numbers in decimal encoding system to numbers in octal coding system, and the writing formulas provided in RedCrab are much more intuitive.
  • You can get used to the program much faster than writing formulas in a similar way to creating formulas in Excel.
  • RedCrab is a very innovative calculator that combines a text editor and a calculator.
  • operating system : Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/8/10.
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App Info

Name: RedCrab The Calculator
Version: 7.16.0
Size: 4.48MB
Views: 0
Op. System: Windows
applicationCategory: EducationApplication
Developer: redchillicrab

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