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Raw Therapee is a program to edit any image on your computer, the application aims to access the images directly on your digital camera to make adjustments and apply effects to them.

The software is compatible with many digital cameras and supports RAW, JPG and TIF formats, with Raw Therapee you can directly make adjustments to camera images.

Download the image editing program for the computer

In the lower right corner of the program interface, you will notice that all of your computer disks are listed in this place, and when you double-click any disk, such as a digital camera, pictures will soon be listed on the side.

Sometimes when you open an image it may appear small inside the program. To increase or decrease the width, you can use the options directly below it.

There is a great feature in the program, is that it has easy access to your photos, and the ability to open them directly from your digital camera or from folders on your computer, but the disadvantage is the lack of ease of use and the lack of a tool to adjust several pictures at once.

App Info

Name: RawTherapee
Version: 5.8
Size: 122.44MB
Views: 0
Op. System: Windows
Price: 0
applicationCategory: MultimediaApplication
Developer: RawTherapee
Source: https://rawtherapee.com/

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